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What Your Horse Wants You to Know!
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What Your Horse Wants You to Know!

So many people come to me with horse problems and what I hear so frequently is, "my horse won't stand still for me to mount." There are two simple answers to this problem. First, please check your saddle fit. Horses generally want to please and often are subjected to pain from thier unknowing riders. Think about it! Could you stand a saddle with a rider digging into your back? So after that your horse still wont stand just back him up every time he moves when you dont want him to and he will soon get the message. Don't be inconsistent.  Make him wait until you ask him to move. Don't jerk on his face either. I promise this will work. 

The other thing he wants you to know is: give him a chance to understand what you want. One cue at a time. So many riders give multiple cues, while talking, a human can't understand what you are trying to get the poor horse to do so how are they to know? Then they get angry and now the horse is really confused.  Please know your horse needs quiet calm leadership. Get rid of your spurs and quit scaring your horse. If he learns to trust you and understands what you want he will react to the slightest of cues and be happy to work with you. 

The other thing your horse wants you to know is, "don't hit me unless I bite or kick." A horse does not learn from any type of abuse. He wants to take flight and believe me that is all he wants to do. I hate seeing some idiot beating up on thier horse. Please practice patients and put your horse away if you are angry. Try to make your horse happy to see you. Make friends and bring treats. Make sure your horse is physically capable of doing what you are asking him to do. Please consider the feelings they have and try to think like a horse. It will pay off big time!

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