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Your Horse's Future
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Your Horse's Future

Take the time to plan and make advance arrangements for your horse(s) in the tragic situation that something terrible should happen to you. Horses may get overlooked in the chaos that accompanies a person’s unexpected passing. Please insure this doesn’t happen by taking the following precautions.

Be sure to have at least two relatives or friends to serve as emergency horse guardians should something tragic happen. Provide them with instructions, veterinary contact and care information. Emergency horse guardians should have each other’s contact information as well. Your neighbors, relatives, and barn personnel need to have the contact information for your horse guardians. Include an emergency card in your wallet, vehicle, and boarding stable or barn.

Formal arrangements are the best way to make sure your horses will be taken care of should you pass away. Work with an attorney to draw up a special will or trust to provide for the care and ownership of your horse as well as the money necessary to aid in the care.

Remember to stay in touch with your horse’s guardians. Sometimes peoples situations change and you want to be certain that the arrangements you made are still in place. Horse rescue facilities get flooded with calls from family members unable to care for the horse for their lost relative. Stay up to date on your guardian's situation and choose the right horse guardian.

Please take these steps to ensure your horse is protected and remember a will takes time to be probated so have your temporary emergency horse guardians in place in the meantime. The Pony Bloggers know how much horses mean to their people and want to help keep everyone safe and in loving homes. Don’t get caught unprepared-make a plan today!

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