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Your Horse in 3D
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Your Horse in 3D

If you have ever owned a pet, you must know the value they have had in your life. Once you take the responsibility of cat, dog or any other creature it becomes your responsibility to nurture and take care of it. In return these loving creatures provide companionship and many happy memories.

Even when they die they hold a special place in your heart and you are often left reminiscing about the wonderful time they had spent with you. 3D technology has helped many individuals keep the memories of their loving pets alive even if they are not with them in person.

The same is the case with horse owners. Horses are beautiful creatures. Their grace and flightiness is not easy to capture. Many a horse owners would give almost anything to have a lifelike miniature of their favorite mount to cherish.

Capturing the True Essence of your Steed

There are certain 3D specialists who not only design realistic sculptures but are even able to capture the alertness and that special look a horse reserves for their owners only. The certain way a horse might cock its head or the particular flare of its nostrils, giving the statue an almost convincing and accurate look.

One such company is “My Horse in 3D”. It is the subordinate of the Netherland’s based 3D studio, Doubleme3D.  Not only can they make the most amazing sculptures but these statues are so real looking, it might appear that the horse would take flight at any moment.

How it all works

You might be wondering how these 3D specialists can capture the emotions and passion of your favorite horse. They make use of the following techniques to design the most astounding pieces.

  • They make use of a state of the art 3D printing technology.
  • This is done by taking help from specialized horse photographers who can capture the marvelous essence of these beautiful equines.
  • More than 150 cameras are used to capture each and every point on the horse’s body.
  • These photographs are then transformed into 3D on a variety of materials from sandstones to bronze. The options for materials are the owner’s choice and some even go as far as to get a gold statue.
  • The owner has the option to have them included in the sculpture as well.
  • It may take around five to six weeks for the print to be finished and delivered at your doorstep.
  • The usual sizes include small at 15cm, medium at 17cm and large at 25cm.
  • You can expect the company to send in a few experts to capture your horses in their true quintessence.
  • You don’t have to worry about your horse being startled; these experts are trained and know when to back off once the horses start to get nervous.
  • Each scanning session lasts around 45 minutes and since no flash is used it’s very easy to capture the horses in their environment.

Although 3D printing is now not only limited to horses but can be used for other animals as well. This is indeed a great way of actually being able to have and hold on to your equines for the longest possible time.

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    Of Horse Support
    This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing this amazing idea. Also, this is the perfect gift idea.

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