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Your Horse As Your Mirror
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Your Horse As Your Mirror

Horses, unlike people, have no preconceptions; they simply take us as they find us. They totally mirror our emotions so if things start to go wrong between you and your horse, the odds are that he’s trying to give you a message. He’s reflecting back at you what he perceives is going wrong within you.

This can be a difficult concept to accept. How often have we blamed our horses for; having an off day, being ‘naughty’ and awkward, nappy or difficult? Could it be that it’s actually you who’s having a bad day? It’s human nature to try to change what’s around us, rather than adapting and changing ourselves. If we can change, other people will begin to engage differently with us and your horse is the first one to help you begin this process.

It might sound like a lot of New Age gobbledegook, but it has been proven through research that 93% of our communication process happens through our interpretation of energy fields and much of this we do without even realising that we’re doing so. So much of our subconscious brain function is unknown it’s not really that surprising especially given that our universe is made of energy. Horses also react to energy fields and this is why they are so adept at reading our moods.

Horses don’t have an agenda; other than to survive and reproduce. They don’t have an ego; they don’t lie, deceive or make plans. Their communication is pure and this is why they make such a good mirror. Horses simply tell it like it is, warts and all!

Horses feel safest within a herd. When we are their surrogate herd it’s important that they regard us as a safe place to be. If we have health issues, physical or mental, or are struggling with emotional distress our horse will feel this emotional imbalance and become uncomfortable in our company. He won’t feel safe. You must be honest with yourself about your feelings. Are you nervous, worried or afraid? Admit your feelings to yourself and your horse will feel safe.

How to read your horse

To get an idea of what your horse is doing when he’s mirroring you, just watch him. Write down what he’s doing; scratching his leg with his nose, swishing his tail, cantering up and down the fence. Do the same after you’ve ridden. What did he do and when? Now you have to interpret what he’s saying to you. This can either be very clear or more subtle, requiring more thought to get to the bottom of his message.

If your horse seems to have issues with his eyes for example, ask yourself what you’re not seeing. If he has problems with his legs, maybe you’re struggling to move forward in your life or if he’s continually swishing his tail perhaps something in your life is really irritating you. You get the idea. You may not like the message your horse is sending you but it could really help you sort your life out if only you would listen to him!

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  1. arabobsession
    love this article, I work from a spiritual background and have formed a bond with my girl based on energy. In my lesson yesterday she hurt working on the onside, same place I've been having trouble with my back. I hope everyone reads this article and is brave enough to listen. voted
    1. autumnap
      Thank you! I was sceptical at first when I learned about this some years ago but I'm definitely a convert!
  2. bjpatch
    I always believed my horse is just like me that why we get a long so well very good
    1. autumnap
      Thank you, glad you liked the article.

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