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You Can Lead a Horse to Canter but You Can't Make 'Em Pick up Their Correct Lead.
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You Can Lead a Horse to Canter but You Can't Make 'Em Pick up Their Correct Lead.

What a hard work out and day of learning we had today. 

Ariana was injured a little over a month ago and she just refuses to pick up her left lead canter since. We have been working on it, and she is about to a 50/50 on picking it up or refusing. She is doing it the same with and without a rider. Meaning when I work her in the round pen and we track to the left she will still counter canter. She doesn't limp. She isn't favoring any leg but she will throw her weight to the right just to avoid the left lead. 

I am working with my trainer, and we are starting to improve with her wonderful guidance. But it is really really frustrating for me. I feel like it is something I am doing wrong. So, like I do, I took a step back and started thinking of all that is going on with her right now and what all she has been thru. A couple of things dawned on me today. 

1) She is a very balanced horse that makes her very smooth. So smooth that it is hard to even tell what lead she is on without looking down.

2) She used to pick up both leads on command and very willingly.

3) She was injured on both front legs and on stall rest for three weeks.  

4) Her saddle is sitting a little off center, even though when you look at her dorsal line everything looks straight. 

5) She is forcefully/willfully avoiding her left lead.

6) We are both frustrated. 

So with a little step back I think I have figured out what might be the problem. I am not 100% sure that this will be the fix. But I am going to call an equine chiropractor and see if that might help. I think the saddle is my main indicator and that she is trying to tell me that she still isn't right. I need to listen to her and get her the help she is needing. 

I will keep y'all posted on our progress. I am not sure that I can get one to come out before our show on Saturday. But I hope to have one out A.S.A.P. I have never had a chiropractor work on my horses in the past but I have seen them work on other horses at barn where I have boarded. :) Maybe I can even make it a barn event and we can have multiple horses worked on that day. :) 




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