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You Are Not Enough For Your Horse...
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You Are Not Enough For Your Horse...

Okay, this might sound like an unpopular opinion, but hear me out. Horses have been domesticated and owned by humans for thousands of years. At this point in history, most of a horse's world consists within a human's world. It's our responsibility to extend their world beyond ours. You are not enough for your horse. It drives me crazy when movies portray that special bond between horse and human as if it's the only thing that matters to the animal.

This sounds harsh, but it's not the only thing that matters. They have instincts, needs, and wants. In the movies, the horse ignores all logic, comes through, and saves the day. I guarantee you that even those "special" horses choose eating dinner over getting attention at times. Don't get me wrong, horses do need tons of love and attention, but that is not all they need. 

It should be your effort to make their world extend beyond you. You see, horses are natural herd animals. Your horse may love you, but they want to bond with other animals. It is wise to set up play dates with other ponies. Allow them time to just be a horse. They need to run, buck, and play.

Another tip is that sometimes horses just want to enjoy their own dinner. They want a quiet delicious meal. They don't always want you in their face. Horses have an instinct to survive. This means they will guard their food and space. You should not intrude on their area constantly.

You should also make sure that you are not your horses only entertainment. Let them be entertained by other animals, food, and toys. As a horse owner, you should want your animal to be completely fulfilled, even if it's not by just you. 

This post is not designed to criticize or rant about how some owners take care of their horses. It's just to share tips to ensure you have a happy horse. My animals are some of my best friends, but I notice they become happier when I followed these tips.

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