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Yes, I Have Your Food
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Yes, I Have Your Food

I grew up in an abusive home and always dreamed of having a horse and living a farm in the country. About 6 months ago, I saw an article on Craigslist for a farmland and decided to give it a try. And I have to say, I love waking up each morning to the rooster crowing in the background, while I chug my first cup of coffee waiting for the sun to come up.

I step out the door and get greeted by the goat, letting everyone know that I am awake. As I walk down the row of paddocks, my sweet girl stomps on the fence in a demanding manner, making sure that I know she is waiting not-so-patiently.

Across the way, one of the herd mates whinnies to let me know how excited she is to see me coming in her paddock with food. I look forward to that each day. 

Some people say that horses are animals and that they don't show emotion. I beg to differ with anyone that says that, because recently, the owner of the farm has had to put down two of the herd mates. It was undeniable that there was a feeling the loss in the air. 

They also established a new pecking order amongst the herd. I was surprised to see the one that they appointed as the leader. She is the most docile one of the group. She is a sweet, loving mule, unlike the last alpha horse. I figured it would be my girl that would end up in the position, but I was mistaken. 

It is amazing to see the way that they communicate with one another. If people took the time to sit and watch horses, they could learn a lot of useful techniques about how to communicate effectively with them and have an even closer bond. 

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