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"Ya Can't Ride Papers"....
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"Ya Can't Ride Papers"....

Well there was an interesting online discussion that was started today. I read it and it got my blogging juices flowing. So here is my take on the old saying "Ya can't ride papers..."


While I have been on both sides of the fence on this matter the saying itself is very accurate; you can't ride papers. LOL 


I was a mare watcher and stud handler for two different breeding facilities when I was younger; one Egyptian Arabian Halter Show horses and one Thoroughbred racing facility. So I have seen the breeder's side and been an active participant. I know there is merit to having records and a registry for a particular breed. When done by responsible breeders it will ensure the purest and most impeccable example of that particular breed. 

However that does not in any way discount the "GRADE" horse. The horse makes the papers worth something; the Papers don't make the horse worth anything if they are mean spirited, unmanageable or of poor conformation. The papers that are associated with a poorly bred animal are worthless. 

I personally have owned two horses that I could have transferred registration paperwork but never did. Since I knew that I was not going to be breeding them. They were great horses but not great enough to be breed worthy. 

The horse to this day that was a true match for me was an auction house horse that had a completely unknown parentage. My current horse has no known parentage. Conformationally both of these horses are amazing and as far as mind goes they are way smarter than me. LOL 


So personally I always go by the horse and not by the papers. If the papers show something amazing that is just gravy! 


I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. If you think I articulated well and gained something please vote for this article. :) 

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I am just a girl who loves horses! Pretty much everything there is about horses from the hooves up. I come from a line of female trainers and horse lovers. I purchased my first horse when I was 15 and haven't looked back. :) I am married to a non-horsey husband who loves me even though he says I am a prime example of "My Little Pony" gone wrong. I am just going to share my feelings and experiences with you and hope that we can learn and grow in our passion for horses together.

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  1. HorseDiva
    I voted because I think you make good points here. A horse is not more well behaved just because he's pure bred or has a certain lineage. Same with other animals! Stop by my article and let me know if you like it: For the Beginners!
  2. love4equine
    Another great blog!!! I voted!!!
  3. threeceltichorse
    I couldn't agree with you more. I have two gorgeous TB's that have parentage going back to Man O'War on both sides and my babies will never see a race track in their lives. My best horse and the easiest one to keep is my rescued quarter horse. All my girls have blue ribbons on them and no papers can do that. It takes alot of saddle time and love and patience. My horses are my therapist.
  4. arabobsession
    I mare is double registered, but the only papers that count to me are the memories, lessons and love that are written in my heart

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