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Would You Rather?
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Would You Rather?

I love riding. I often need to force myself to get off my horse as I know he is tired but I am being greedy and still riding him, because I love riding. As hard as it is to get off the horse, I also can relate with how hard it can be to get on the horse for some of us. I have been in that place, and still linger around there sometimes. However I have learnt how to overcome it and want to share with you how I get myself out of the rut. I play a game of “Would I rather”.

If you want to be riding and your not it could be because your subconscious is keeping you in your comfort zone. Humans by nature avoid pain, even at the cost of pleasure. So all those excuses, you know the ones, that you have told yourself “why” you can’t ride today are most likely just your human nature keeping yourself “safe” by avoiding pain. But you like riding? So its not painful? No, but what is? Is it because you have to get up earlier to still manage to do everything in your day? Is it because you have been having some training problems with your horse and you can’t work it out on your own? There is a reason your subconscious wants to stay in your comfort zone. You need to know in your conscious that you want to be riding more than you want to be sleeping in or looking at horses for sale on the internet because yours is playing up.

So this may work for a short time, riding will be in your mind and you will consciously rather go ride then sleep in. The problems may start to creep in again though. For me it was because just riding was not enough, I needed a goal. Something you really, really want. It needs to drive you, inspire you and you must need to succeed. So I made a goal, a goal so crazy its near impossible, but every time I get in a slump I ask myself “would I rather sit on the couch and watch tv or would I rather be successful?” and how I know its working, I never watch tv and I am out of bed with enough time to work my horse and get everything else needed done in a day. I often ask myself, is what I am doing the best thing I could be doing to reach my goal. If its not, then why do it? So I do something that is, because my goal is so much further advanced than I am there are plenty of things I could be doing to help myself reach it!

You really need to have the desire, but I think we all do, our subconscious may feel otherwise though as the desire may not be as strong as our internal desire to stay safe. If you want to ride and you want to succeed, set your goal. Your goal should be your deepest desire, something you wish could happen more than anything else in the world. Then next time you hit the snooze button, ask yourself “Would I rather?”.

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