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Workout in the Wind
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Workout in the Wind

Today we were trying to get in some exercise before the rains came. The wind was up just to a breeze here & there but there wasn't any mist or rain & I wasn't planning on working up any kind of sweat for either of us. Just enough exercise to get our heart rate up & move the blood flow. 

We begin walking & trotting both ways. Then we had a few communication problems. While I asked for a whoa doat, the wind picked up & sent Cookie backwards. So rather than follow her while trying to get her to stop moving her feet, I let the lunge out & dropped my shoulders turning my body slightly sideways to her. She finally stopped her feet & with her head raised as high as she could get it would blow at the wind. 

I slowly walked up to her, petting her forehead, we walked back to our circle & began again. Things went alright until another gust of wind which sent her into a high headed canter. After a few unsuccesful attempts to bring her back down to a trot or walk, I started walking backwards away from her towards the stall. She finally got the idea to slow down & with her tail raised & nostrils flaring walked up to me. We went inside the stall & stood there until she calmed down & I made sure she wasn't sweating. The rain wasn't letting up so I decided to turn her loose. She stayed in the stall with me for about 5 minutes & decided it was better outside. 

While she was calmly checking out the scenery, I came into the house for lunch. The wind & rain still doing its thing, I hear what sounds like someone playing basketball outside. I go to check & Cookie had decided she didn't get enough exercise & was trotting & loping back & forth whipping her head, raising her tail & blowing into the wind. When she got to one side, she would slide to a stop, spin around shaking her head & take off for the other end of the paddock. She came back towards the back door & I opened the screen & said Whater ya doin? She nickered & tried to see through the windows. lol 

I went out & spent some time with her under the shelter until she calmed back down a little. A car alarm went off down the street & off she goes trotting up front to take a look at what was making the noise. 

I think I need to seriously consider finding her a friend to chum around with. My concern is making sure I can afford 2 before taking another one on. I also would have to get corral panels set up for an initial visit to make sure the horses would get along alright. All of which takes time & money, something that can be hard to come by these days. I'm also looking around for close by pasture to let her out in... the search continues. 

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