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Working Together to Heal The Wound
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Working Together to Heal The Wound

Iowa veterans are no strangers to the task of mounting horses. They have been mounting horses in an indoor horse arena located at Wildwood Hills Ranch of Iowa. The team includes Miller and three other military veterans, and the activity is conducted under the supervision of Lynn Winkelmann.

One day, Miller got onto a horse, and he could feel the horse’s heartbeat and breathing quicken. Within the next few seconds, the horse raised its head, and its pulse dropped considerably. Miller quickly called out to Sergeant Winkelmann and asked him what can be done about the horse. He immediately called out to another one of the team members for his assistance. Carroll “Hippie” Waser quickly attended to the horse named Danny.

The group of individuals had gone through their fair share of trauma while serving their time in the military. They are only seeking serenity in the farms among the horses. Since horses can sense any tension from their humans quite easily, Danny sensed a lingering tension from Miller and quickly headed toward the closest tree in sight to knock Miller off of his back. Miller only aggravated the situation by getting even more stressed.

Miller worked the horse until he could find the peace surface from within. For a moment, Danny the horse and Miller exchanged a profound feeling of empathy.

There is a subtle beauty in the mutual give and take between horses and men. Not only is the horse getting more stable but Miller is gaining more equanimity as days go by. Miller got remarried after recovering from a painful divorce and is on his way to becoming a diesel mechanic. He bought a white horse and believed that the horse lets him know exactly how it feels. Each of the team members has in exchange gained insight from the horses and have learned to live from the inside out and seek answers from within.

Since the horses give each of these veterans peace of mind, it is only fair that they give them their fair share of serenity in return. Want to lead a stress-free life? Just go horse riding on a daily basis, and you will see.

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