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Wiregrass Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
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Wiregrass Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

A horse rescue and sanctuary is under construction on 68 acres near Wicksburg, Alabama. The person behind this vision is Lori Woodham. A picture of a neglected horse on a social networking site caught Woodham’s attention and tugged at her heart strings. Her eyes were opened to the countless numbers of abused horses. The goal of the organization, “is to develop facilities, programs and a support organization that will meet the highest standard of treatment and rehabilitation for horses that have been neglected, abused or abandoned.”

The facility will extend an open invitation to volunteers. Volunteers may groom horses, muck stalls and feed horses. Currently, Woodham is asking for volunteers to set about 700 fence posts and assist with digging a well on Saturdays from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m. Foster homes are needed for horses waiting to be adopted. Fund raising efforts and many of the administrative duties are handled by volunteers.

Feed, tack supplies and financial donations will be welcomed at the site. Initial veterinarian fees for each rescued horse runs approximately $300.00. Yearly vaccinations and care runs an additional $180.00 and hoof care approximately $35.00. To make a difference in the life of a rescue horse, please visit the web site at http://www.wiregrasshorserescue.com.

Woodham works with veterinarians and law enforcement officials to paint a brighter future for abused and neglected horses in Houston County. There are currently 11 horses housed at Wiregrass Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. It is not unusual for the sanctuary to receive one to two calls per week concerning a horse that has been grossly neglected or badly abused.

There is a need for responsible owners that have the financial resources available to provide proper care and a home to adopt horses. The sanctuary requires that all potential owners complete an application with references. The potential owners can expect an interview and home inspection. The new owner must sign a humane care contract and agree to periodic visits by staff to assure the horse is well provided.

*Photo courtesy of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine by Nik Hawkins at Flickr's Creative Commons. 

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  1. TomCat
    Good article.
    1. Archippus
      Thanks Tom! Your vote and comment is appreciated!
  2. Charlotte
    That is so awesome and it is here in Alabama.
    1. Archippus
      Yes! It is located about 30 minutes from our house. Thanks for the support Charlotte!
  3. pftsusan
    Thank God that there are still good samaritans around as Lori Woodham is, who do this for the love of horses. This is very well written.
    1. Archippus
      Thanks Susan! This horse sanctuary is located about 30 minutes from my house. Your vote and comment is appreciated!
  4. DonnaJohnson1
    Hey. Good article. Voted 11
    1. Archippus
      Thanks Donna! Your vote is appreciated!
  5. MrsTomCat
    I hate it that this place is needed but I am glad it is there.
    1. Archippus
      Mrs. TC your support is appreciated! The sanctuary follows up on horses that are adopted out too!
  6. BigCharlieN212
    Hey I am lucky #13. Good job as usual
    1. Archippus
      Thanks Charlie! I can always count on you to vote on my articles!
  7. immasweetiepie
    #14 great article!
    1. Archippus
      Thanks Immasweetiepie! Very much appreciated!

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