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Will This Family Raise Enough Money to Buy a New Horse?
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Will This Family Raise Enough Money to Buy a New Horse?

Tragedy befell a family in Madison County, Alabama on Thursday that led to the demise of two horses and destruction of property. Fire investigators are still investigating the cause of the huge fire that engulfed the whole barn destroying everything inside. Beyond losing their irreplaceable equines, the family also lost precious antiques and expensive farm equipment. Firefighters arrived by 2 AM on Thursday morning to Kristin’s home located off the Triana Highway. They found the barn engulfed in huge flames which took them two hours to put it out. Fortunately, no persons were injured and their home was not damaged by the fire.

Luke and Bert were their two award winning quarter horses that perished in the fire. Kristina Broadway, the owner of the barn, felt like she had been stabbed in the heart when the tragedy occurred. Just like other horse lovers, she felt that the horses were part of her family because she had been taking care of them for a long time. She truly cherished her horses and in interviews, compared their death to the loss of a child.

Quarter horses are some of the oldest known breeds of horses in America. The breed can be traced back in the 1660s as a cross breed between Spanish horses and English horses. The popularity of these horses comes from their outstanding ability to work in rodeos and other horse show events. The quarter horse has strong athletic power which makes it appear sympathetic and pretty on the eye. Quarter horses are usually calm and submissive, hence making it easier to be trained and handled by its owners. These horses are very valuable and continue to amaze spectators and riders with their comfortable mount, sure-footed gait, and willingness to please.

When Kristina’s husband died in a crash several months ago, Luke and Bert helped her get through the sadness. Kristin slowly healed because the horses gave her companionship and gave her something fulfilling to dedicate her free time to. She put her grief and energy into ensuring that her horses were in good health and that all their basic needs were always met.

The two horses also brought smiles to Kristin’s young daughter after the loss of her father. Though Kristin is left with two older horses, it does not feel the same and she will probably get another horse for her daughter, Rebekah. The older horses are unable to handle the toddler who soon will be able to ride horses on her own. Kristin herself took care of horses when growing up and she wants to provide that same experience of finding a sense of purpose for her daughter.

More on this story is available online as is a GoFundMe page setup to help Kristin and her family purchase a new horse for Rebekah.

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  1. MissusPete
    "Replaceable equines"? Hardly! I hope that was a writer error! Prayers for this family.
    1. Admin
      Thank you for grabbing the writing error we missed. Our horse friends, like our human and other furry companions, are definitely irreplaceable!!
      1. Thundersmist
        Please also check the history of the Quarter Horse....Rodeos are not why they are so named. The firemen were arrived? Persons, without the apostrophe. There are others but, it is enough already. I'm sorry, the writing detracts from the the criticality of the poor family's horrible experience. This is an important event. It deserves to be well written. If the writer is young, please know, that your heart is truly in the right place. Your concern is plain to see and feel. Thank you for sharing your findings. Keep up the effort! I've had my own writing harshly critiqued for far less important errors. It made me become very conscientious of the details. Best Wishes in your future work!
  2. Thundersmist
    The subject is heart rending. The writing, not done by someone with any command of English. This family has had too much heart break. I pray for the day we all no longer have to suffer these cruel losses.

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