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Will Stem Cells Work for Horses as Well?
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Will Stem Cells Work for Horses as Well?

There has been a considerable interest on the subject of stem cell therapy in horses and it seems that veterinarians won’t let up on the issue. Ranging from tendons to the eyes, some progress has been reported on the effectiveness of stem therapy on horses.

According to the researchers at the Royal Veterinary Collage, some of the most devastating diseases and injuries that have been ravaging horses, especially racing horses are now treatable, thanks to revolutionary veterinary through stem cell technology.

What It Is

Stem therapy is simply the process of using stem cells to treat disease of injury. Stem cells that do not have a specific job in the body are transformed into a particular type of cell that can be used to repair damages cells in another part of the body. Two types of stem cells exists: the embryonic cells and the adult cells. Embryonic stem cells can be used to perform any type of stem therapy while adult cells are limited in what they can do.

Milestones in Stem Therapy in Horses

Racing horses are just like human athletes who are vulnerable to injuries in the tendons and eye. Sometimes performance horses are pushed to their limits and this is what often causes injuries and diseases. A research team from Texas A&M recentky found out that stem cell therapy can be used in horses’ eyes as well.

The researchers found out that when allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells are injected into the eye of injured horse, dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue of the horse are restored. Consequently, this has the potential to become the new technology in the stem cell therapy area. Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells are cells that are harvested from one horse and injected into another horse. Such cells are present in many variety of horses and are instrumental in replenishing the dying cells of another horse.

In the experiment, 14 randomly selected horses were injected with allogeneic mesenchymal cells and observed for a period of three weeks with the injections repeated following the initial injections. The researchers did not report any observable adverse effects or complications as a result of the injections.

Therefore, the conclusion of the experiment is that administering two subconjunctival allogeneic MSC injections in horses is safe. However, there is still need for further research into the topic.

Similary, researchers from the Royal Veterinary College have reported significant milestones in the treatment of tendons in horses, thanks to stem cell therapy in horses. Currently, more than 300 performance horses have been treated using this technology. The stem cell treatment is unique as it uses tissues to grow more tendon-like cells.

These are good steps in the right direction. In fact, stem cell therapy technology being used to treat tendons in horses can be replicated in human beings as well.

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