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Will He Get His Freedom?
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Will He Get His Freedom?

Horses are a symbol of power and freedom around the world. Wild horses once roamed all the continents but a majority of them have been trained and domesticated now. The American horse, also known as the wild mustang, represents the free spirit. It is believed that while the wild mustang can be used to serve man to an extent, it can never be fully domesticated.

Such is the story of 3907, a stallion captured by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in order to cope with the growing mustang population in the Sulphur Herd Management Area. 3907 was captured once before but released into the wild. The question on every horse lover’s mind today is, will he get his freedom again?

What’s so great about this horse?

Just over a hundred horses were rounded up from this area and 3907 is one of them. This grey and black stallion stood out because of his appealing appearance. His picture has gone viral on the internet and over 24,000 signatories have asked for his freedom in a petition started by the American wild horse preservation campaign. It is yet to be seen if he gets his freedom or not.

The reason these animals are captured is that their growing numbers also correspond to an increased number of traffic collisions that put them as well as humans at risk. Just last year 3 horses died due to collision with a vehicle on State Road 21.

The horses that are rounded up are either sent to the Agency’s long holding pastures or auctioned online. Their pictures are uploaded to the website, where individual bidding for a horse starts at $25.

3907 is around 25 years old, and older horses such as him are not put up on the website for bidding. However, this is an exceptional case as people have shown immense interest in him. The agency says it is unlikely that 3907 will be returned to the wild.

How the Program Effects the Horses

Wild horse advocates say that the roundup and auction program has very adverse effects on the animals and is an inhumane way of handling the problem. By taking them out of their habitat, the horses are traumatized and severely stressed. The mustangs live in herds for most of their lives and share a unique bond with each other. Separating an animal from a herd is like taking away its family. Returning 3907 to the wild would mean that he would be reunited with his family and live life as a free animal for the rest of his days.

3907 represents the essence of the American spirit of freedom and power. No wonder so many people are fighting for his release back into the wild. America is the only place where we can find wild horses now and we need to preserve this unique aspect of the country. It’s not just about the freedom of one horse, but rather a representation of all the mustangs that roam the plains of North America. Only time will tell if 3907 will get his freedom.

The BLM needs to devise new strategies to counter the problem of mustang over-population, a solution that would result in a positive impact on the horses as well as the society.

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  1. jst4horses
    The Native Americans since horses were brought here by Columbus in 1492 were lost, and when Cortez brought more on and the Native Nations people figured out they could reduce the power of the genocide squads by taking their horses, they did, and sold them all over America. Many just wandered off after being left injured or without a rider in battles. History channel reports that the REAL Zorro was not a Spanish aristocrat, but rather an escaped Native Californian who took the horses in raids and sold them to Natives across the country. Guess that ends the old myth of Native Americans being "awed and amazed" by golden haired whoever on horseback.........but so go the myths. The one about "magic dogs" as well. The Native words for animals were four footed, winged, swimming, etc......and the word translated to mean "magic" is like the power of thunder, or the ocean, it is about the power of the Creator, not mythical tricks or inane ideas of ignorant people confronted by superior beings. Mustangs have run wild for many reasons, the worst, humans just abandoning them. Wolves, wild cats, bears culled out the old, the weak, the not paying attention, and the young who did not stay in safety with the herd. For at least three hundred years Native Nations kept horses in good balance, then the cattle ranchers began to kill them to keep them from muddying the water which cows will not drink if muddy, and to keep them from eating the grass, and killed off the wolves etc, along with 30 MILLION bison (I just saw that in a documentary from the Bison reserve) to greedily feed their cattle for sale. The antelope, deer, elk, moose and mountain goats went the same way, just slaughtered and left to die, often injured, not even killed by grassland greedy cattle ranchers. Humans need to STOP. Bill Maher reports that over the past 40 years, a full 50 % of the wildlife on our earth and in our oceans has been murdered. It is just plain time to study nature, and restore a balance. WE have more than enough urban blighted areas, make deals with developers and let them build there. In China, that country we love to hate, they have huge wilderness areas, and huge teams of scientists, vets, and volunteers who keep the animals cared for and in good balance. Shame on us in all so called "civilized" countries where not just the mustangs, but every other animal is being forced out and slaughtered, and most people are forced into the new form of concentration camp called refugee centers.
  2. liz48170
    25 yrs in the wild is a very long life. He must be a very sturdy horse, with great genes to have lived so long in the wild. I would be nice to see him at stud, perhaps on a huge range, where can do his thing and live out his years.

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