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Wild Mustangs Saved
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Wild Mustangs Saved

Wild horses are considered to be America’s living symbol of heritage and freedom. It has been noted that these wild mustangs have been roaming free on federal land in 10 western states and share that land with herds of cattle since the time of Spanish conquistadors. But just recently, these animals faced a life-threatening situation, and they needed to be saved.

While awaiting adoption, these beautiful wild creatures are fed and raised by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). With a total of 33,000 wild horses and burros in their watch, with each horse costing $1,500 for a single year to feed, the government confronted issues regarding the expenses because many are not yet bought on auction, and it takes quite some time for these animals to be adopted.

The Bureau of Land Management recently declared that they can no longer afford the expenses for taking care of the wild mustangs and burros since a great amount of money is needed each year for feeding and housing them, and thus, these wild animals have to be euthanized or sold to slaughterhouses overseas. By law, if these horses can’t be bought or adopted, they are to be, sadly, slaughtered.

BLM was at the edge of slaughtering a huge number of these horses when the wife of billionaire T. Poone Pickens, Madeleine Pickens, dramatically intervened to rescue the poor animals. She offered to adopt the entire herd of more than 30,000 unwanted wild mustangs and burros that were rounded up by BLM.

With the area allotted by the government for the mustangs awfully reduced by 19 million acres, Mrs. Pickens planned to locate another federal land that she could rent or purchase for the animals, in cooperation with BLM.

According to Mrs. Pickens, animals look up to man as their protectorate. We should not abandon them, instead, take care of them.

Mrs. Pickens 'statement and action not only proved her love for animals but earned her the ABC Person of the Week Award. Being an animal lover and a thoroughbred racehorse owner and breeder, she has always expressed and considered that people should take the responsibility of taking care of animals. To her, as people strive to rescue other people in life-threatening situations, so should they strive to rescue animals in danger.

So when she heard the dreadful news that thousands of wild horses and burros might get slaughtered, she stepped in to save them and made plans and arrangements for the relocation of the animals.

Pickens announced plans of buying about 1 million acres and have it purposely developed into a horse sanctuary. The land is located in the West and is said to be slightly larger than Rhode Island. She said further that it will be a place where anyone can go and have a breathtaking view of the life of wild mustangs.

With the timely intervention of stopping the federal government’s systematic elimination of these national icons, along with the rescue plans of Mrs. Pickens and two other rescue organizations, lives of thousands of wild mustangs were saved.

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