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Why Lunge?
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Why Lunge?

Lunging can improve saddle time up to eighty percent. Yet despite this fact, us Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweets, and Leggs) have heard many people snicker and remark regarding lunging. Seems to us horses it is well worth your time to lunge riders.

Lunging is not just about exercising a hyper horse to get the silliness out; it is so much more than that. Lunging is a training exercise that can help a horse pay attention to you, relax, and learn verbal commands. Lunging strengthens our backs and top line and teaches us to bend through our pole and neck, and make us supple. It is also a great way to help with certain training issues. Sometimes riders can get in our way; lunging teaches us to balance ourselves and argue with ourselves to work correctly.

Side Reins are a great way to do all of these things because they are adjustable. But please remember riders do not attach the side reins until we are relaxed and be proficient at lunging before you use them. Riders watch us lunge too. This can help you see for yourselves how we travel and are a great aid in transition work. Learn your timing by visualizing first and then when you mount us it is so much easier to feel.

Connect with us in yet another way-from the ground. Teach us to know your voice, hear your voice, and be comfortable on the ground. Lunging really helps connect you to us. Look at this for a moment from our perspective young horses, seasoned horses, trail horses, show horses, eventers, hunters, barrel horses; all must listen first. If we can listen and know you before you ride (don’t just run us around in circles with our heads to the outside) and bond with you from the ground and be trained on the end of a rope line, than how much better is your ride going to be? As Pong Bloggers, our goal is help everyone out there and we endorse lunging as a part of your horse’s daily routine.

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