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Why I Put a Young Horse Out to Pasture Pt. 1
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Why I Put a Young Horse Out to Pasture Pt. 1

Annie was my first horse and honestly the best horse I had ever ridden. She was feisty, talented, and FAST. Not everyone gets the extraordinary bond that I had with this mare. It’s like we shared our neurons. I barely had to tell her what to do because she just knew.

We excelled together! we place well in every gymkhana. My evenings were taken up by her. I didn’t mind because I loved how free I felt when I rode her. If people can have animal soulmates, I was sure Annie was mine. Now, I am sure this sounds like one of those cheesy horse movies, but I’ll tell you there was no happy ending for Annie and me.

I had owned Annie for four years before she fell on me. We were practicing a flag race pattern for the upcoming gymkhana. My riding buddy had the timer all set and we had started the pattern quickly. I suppose she got over excited and I lost control of her. It felts as if she had taken the bit in her teeth. My skinny 14-year-old self desperately to stop her but nothing worked and I was just along for the ride. Annie tripped and fell on me. She had so much momentum that she actually rolled on top of me.

I don’t remember much after that. I just remember opening my eyes to my friend screaming and running at me. I shot up into a standing position. It felt like all my ribs were crushed and I gasped for breath. My knees were weak from lack of oxygen. I sank back into the dirt and searched for my horse. She was frantically trotting up and down the fence of the arena. I was glad to see that she was not limping. Later, after she was checked over I discovered that she didn’t even have a scratch on her. She was completely fine. She got time off just to be sure that she wouldn’t be sore. It was also discovered that Annie tripped on a dirt clod buried under the soft dirt.

I was pretty banged up. I was sore and had cuts all over my body. My shoulder had been popped out of its socket. I had gone to the emergency room covered in dirt and blood. The odd thing was: I wasn’t scared of this happening again. It was a freak accident that I ultimately blamed myself for. I promised myself I would do better for Annie’s sake

This story will be continued in a second session. Stay tuned!

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