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Why Girls Dig Horses
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Why Girls Dig Horses

Many are wondering how can horses be so adorable that a lot of girls love them. There could be a hundred different reasons why girls dig horses, but it still is questionable why these animals are well-loved by the female population.

Horses are big animals. At times they can go wild and kick you, and that would be painful. Other times they could just bite you. And also, with great strength and power horses are capable of crushing you against the walls on their stalls, and that can be horrifying and dangerous.

With these facts, it is a bit scary to even go near a horse. But you can always wonder why girls love them so much. In fact, women have even given reasons why horses are better than boys.

A 2-minute video clip was made by someone who adores horses. This video showcased how horses are loved by ladies and how these animals are even better than guys. Here are the reasons stated in the vid:

  • Girls love horses because these animals will never judge girls on how they look. – This is indeed reasonable why horses are better than boys. Horses are creatures that love those who love them without judging those people on their looks. Women are sensitive when it comes to comments about their physical appearance, and at times boys are just too insensitive to know understand that. That’s why girls prefer horses than boys.
  • Girls love horses because these creatures will allow them to cry in their stalls or stables without making them explain why. – Girls are emotional beings, and it takes a wise and sensitive human being to know and understand that. However, there is a scarcity of men who actually know that fact about girls. So maybe it’s not that surprising why ladies would prefer crying out loud in horse’s stalls because there, they need not to explain why. The presence of these adorable horses is already enough.
  • Girls love horses because these animals are capable of making them smile no matter what mood they are in. – It is something that girls love, those who are capable of making them smile even if there is no reason to do so. And horses are good at it.
  • Girls love horses because these creatures will never give up on them. – Girls love those who never give up on them no matter what. They appreciate those who stick with them, and stay by their side whatever the situation or circumstance is. Unfortunately, there are a few boys who can do that, and fortunately, a lot of horses are capable of such.
  • Girls adore horses because these animals will never break their hearts. – Girls may break their arms accidentally while horse riding, but that’s okay because it’s mendable and it does not hurt much. And that’s the only pain horses can give ladies, never a pain from a broken heart.
  • Girls dig horses because these animals will always love them throughout their lifetime. – Girls love those who love them endlessly and horses are the exact living things that can do that.

Reading this, men may get envious of how horses can be so much better than them. With the reasons stated and with evidences shown how girls are so in to horses, arguments may not be entertained. Horses are indeed lovable and adorable creatures, and with those qualities, it’s no surprise why girls dig horses.

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