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Why Bitless?
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Why Bitless?

Do you want to start riding your horse in a more relaxed manner? Do you want your horse to be more comfortable? Do you want to start paying less for your horse equipment? A bitless bridle could be a good choice for you and your horse.

Develop A More Comfortable Ride

A bitless bridle is much more comfortable for a horse to wear then a traditional bridle. Most bitless designs spread pressure much further and evenly on the horse's face. Some styles, like a cross jaw, evenly distribute pressure on the jaw and poll of the horse. However, a bitted bridle only applies pressure to the sensitive areas of the horse's mouth. A rider with heavy hands can still hurt a horse with a bitless bridle but a bit can cause more damage. With horses, less is usually more. We often may think we need a bit to get the point across, but we also need to remember that although we are handling huge animals, a horse can feel when a fly lands on them.

Create a Better Bond

The base for all relationships (human and horse) relies on trust and communication. The better communication we can have with our equine partners, the better bond we can develop with them. A bridle's purpose is not to control the horse, but rather to communicate with him/her. The best way to communicate with a horse is to apply pressure and release when the horse understands. When riding with a bit we can never fully release pressure. We can loosen the reins, but we can not remove the bit each time the horse responds correctly. With a bitless bridle, pressure can be applies only when needed and released each time. This benefit in communication makes a bitless bridle a perfect choice for riding youngsters and experienced horses alike. 

Relax Your Horse

Bits can cause a lot of health and behavior problems in horses. Putting health aside, vices like head shaking, chomping at the bit, rearing, being heavy on the bit, and bucking, can all be caused by bit-related anxiety. This anxiety is usually because of the horse being uncomfortable. A bitless bridle will remove the anxiety of the bit and help the horse relax. In my experience, these vices are usually improved or eliminated after a few bitless rides.

Reduce Your Tack Costs

To a dedicated equestrian, our horse's health, comfort, and happiness is very important. We often find ourselves purchasing expensive equipment for our horses, hoping it will make them happier, or behave better. In reality, however, horses do not understand cost. They really do not care if you spend $500 or $50 on a bridle, as long as they are comfortable. Why spend so much on a fancy bitted bridle when you can have a much more comfortable bitless bridle for under $60? You can purchase a quality handmade bitless bridle here.

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  1. mered30
    There was a horse where I ride that would twist his tongue so the owner had no choice but to use a bit less bridle on him. Otherwise because of that twisted tongue he would be in to much pain.

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