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Why Are Horses So Good for Us?
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Why Are Horses So Good for Us?

Most horse lovers know that horses are good for you, and even those who don’t own horses normally feel there is something very majestic and possibly magical about horses. 

Beyond our love for them though, there is more and more research being done to learn why so many people feel so soothed around horses and why more people are turning to horse-related therapy. 

When we are in close proximity to horses, we actually start synchronizing heartbeats, and interestingly, this is more so when horses are given free choice to interact with us naturally, as opposed to when they are tired up. This is even true when we are grooming them, even though this is viewed as a great bonded exercise, it isn’t the optimum way to connect and be truly at one with our horses. So the energy of our hearts when horses are choosing to connect, literally start acting as one, as if our hearts are one heart. This is such a beautiful sentiment, and now science is backing up just how connected horses are to us. 

There is also some really exciting research being done on the influence of horses on brain waves, and the increase in horse based therapies seem to be showing that horses can influence our brain waves and help cognitive thinking. This is why horses seem to have so much influence and success in helping autistic people and in helping those with post traumatic stress disorder.

So many horse owners know that their time spent with their horses is really special, and now it seems that beyond that, horses can help us in ways we are still learning.

Although there is still a lot of research that needs to be done, and we are really only in the early phases of appreciating the benefits of horses, it looks like the old saying of "the outside of a horse is good for the insides of a person" really is very true. 

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