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Who Chose Who?
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Who Chose Who?

Despite all the logic taught to me, I have been awakened to a reality that may not be understood by many. Consequently, I have changed the way I tell my story about how horses are part of my life. It was reconfirmed that my intuition has a lot of knowledge, unfortunately, I am not always as connected to all the information it has to reveal and I account this to my lapse of mindfulness.

Since 2014, after I was certified as an Equine Facilitated Learning and Wellness (EFLW) facilitator, I’ve been working alongside my herd offering a variety of wellness and therapeutic services for people of all backgrounds and issues. By fate, I came across someone who worked in the mental health sector and I shared with her the type of work and the results observed here at Balance With Hooves. Not a horse person herself, she wanted to come meet the horses.  She was amazed by the herd and their presence seemed to resonate with her.

Working with First Nations as a therapeutic counselor, she shared her experience with them and they came to meet the herd shortly after. Elders arrived, met the horses and played their drums for them. I was amazed at the herd’s reaction but more specifically Cleo who had a very special connection to their presence while drumming and chanting. It was as if she recognized the sound, the energy, the People. I felt very blessed by this visit and the spiritual experience.

Through several encounters and activities with the First Nations, I was informed that there was something very special happening here and the horses had picked me by no special encounter and I was Star Horse Woman. In addition, I was informed that my native ancestors were calling me back to my roots. Suddenly it all made sense and that feeling inside me of knowing was awaken. Who chose who was clearer. One thing I know for sure is that our logical mind, our busy mind, will never offer insight of this depth. To connect at this level of potential and truth, we need to cultivate a much richer inner life listening to our intuition and by listening to it, it can guide us to live our true purpose, to become our authentic self. I laugh at myself and it humbles me just when I thought I was starting to understand, fate got busy at revealing another dimension of my life as if to say: “Whoa! You are missing a big part here. Get back here.”

It was not in my immediate plans to have a herd of six horses. I started with one horse, Chinook, and I wanted a companion for him when I purchased my own place to run my business. I found Miss Daisy and instead of picking up one horse, I came back with two, the other one I named Beau. A few months later, I had another unexpected addition, Cleo and a few months after that Sophie found herself part of the herd. Last but not least, Mist a young Clydesdale-Percheron mix joined the rest of the horses. All of this happened so quickly and up to recently I could not make sense of how it all came about. 

The herd was formed with horses from all areas, with a variety of life experiences and backgrounds each having their own story. An ex-racer, a pet, one that has lived physical abuse while in the racing world, a competitive jumper, a $25,000 horse with genetic arthritis and last but not least an innocent 7-month-old colt. For those of you that understand herd dynamic, it is not always easy to integrate such a diverse bunch together and have them live in harmony but this is exactly what happened here. The synchronicity of the herd is absolutely amazing to observe and to learn from. 

I saw first-hand the shift as I introduced new herd members. I witnessed the accolades, the friendships and more importantly the ranking of the hierarchy settled in peace and acceptance. I have witnessed each of them helping people in very personal ways and whenever a horse would present itself to work with a client, the right one showed up to work its magic.

I understand better now how Balance with Hooves was meant to be and how the timing of the horses needing a home supported the growth of the development center. I also understand the importance of the work done by each horse helping people make important life changes. As they work their magic, I trust like never before that it all will happen at the right time. Looking back at the events that got me here, I am so grateful for Spirit’s work aligning people and events that got me where I am now. I am grateful for the herd choosing me as their facilitator so they can live the life they were meant to live: helping people.

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