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Where Did Hard Work Go?
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Where Did Hard Work Go?


It seem like to me, that the consept of working with your horse, got lost somewhere. The work you do with your horse to bond, to expeirience and just to be with horses.

I dont mind mucking the stables, getting hay, washing the mud of the horses legs, getting dirty, thats just part of the deal to me.

But that got lost, people want to be served on hand and foot and if you could saddel the horse for them it would be great. I think its a part of our quick fix world. But there are no lasting quick fixes in horses, it takes work. I had a client asking me to help with a problem her horse had and when i told her, that she would have to work on it, i got the reply that it seemed like a lot of work. Well it isnt gonna fix it self, the horse dosnt have a problem with it, so its really your problem, and thats why you have to work on it.

Ive been seeing a lot af adds where people look for a horse to borrow and the criteria for the horse they want are skyhigh, like it has to be this high, trained this way, stand in a ridingschool where the owner has to pay. When i was a kid the important thing to me was spending time with horses, i would get on my bike, go to the farms in my area and ask if i could help with the horses. Just brushing them was fine, i helped with trotting horses for a while..didnt matter i couldnt ride them.

I recently worked at a ridingschool and the kids there, all wanted to get the horse that we´re already saddled, then they didnt have to and its like that everywhere. I also got in to some trouble, because even though it is a ridingschool, in my opinion, the kids have to get a well rounded education, it really dosnt matter if they can ride, if they cant handle the horse on the ground, if the horse gets stressed, scared and so on. The parents were saying that they´re paying for their kid to ride, i dont agree and got my way.


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    I absolutely agree!

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