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When You Dream Equine, Dream BIG
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When You Dream Equine, Dream BIG

Never ever give up on your dreams. You might have to put them on the back burner for a bit, but don't lose sight of them. 

Sometimes those dreams are HUGE or at least appear that way, however if you work towards your dream a little each time pretty soon you'll have reached at least 1 of your dreams and you will see them come true. 

I've always wanted a horse of my own. The situation, conditions just weren't quite right. I worked toward having my own horse and my dream came true. That's not my only dream. In fact it has lead me to dream even bigger! 

I don't own a saddle, though I'm working on saving enough money to have one made for me. I don't have a ton of acreage, money or even a truck or trailer. That doesn't stop me from taking the step towards those things every day.... and THAT'S the key to reaching your dreams and goals. Taking the step every day towards whatever it is you dream about. 

I'm a huge believer in God. I know some aren't and that's ok. I dream of having a lot of acreage, the ability to buy/adopt wild horses and place them back out on the land where they belong. Spread out over different states, and different counties the feral horses and burros can once again roam free without the threat of a helicopter round up and trucked off to who knows where. Is it a BIG dream? Sure it is, one that I work towards every day. Nothing is impossible with God. I have even checked acreage/land prices in several states and read up on some of the laws pertaining to horse ownership in those states. Some of the land is already a ranch with housing, streams or creeks, corrals, hay fields etc. I've also gone as far as pricing non climb fencing and posts in bulk to get an idea of what that would cost. 

For someone who didn't come from much and doesn't have much now, when you start reading about properties that are in the millions of dollars, most would go Whoa! That's way out of my price range! For me I think it's a drop in the hat. Always keep a positive thought and outlook towards your dreams. 

I dream of having a truck and trailer. Nothing fancy. Just something I can use to haul Cookie or other horses around in when I need to. I already know what kind of truck and trailer I would like to have and how much they cost. 

The main thing I think you need for your dreams to come true is hope. Hope is like an ember that keeps burning and ignites your desire to reach your dreams and goals. 

I have other dreams too, like adopting and training a wild horse for myself. I dream of entering in the "Extreme Mustang Makeover" and "Mustang Millions". I dream of riding across the states from one coast to the other as well as riding in competitive trail and endurance races. 

I have to warn you though about dreams... sometimes you can get carried away. So I suggest working toward one dream at a time, or combining two or three when you can. You might be surprised just how far you can go when you dream BIG. 


Thank you for checking out my blogs. I appreciate all votes and comments. 

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  1. autumnap
    Voted! The power of the mind is a remarkable thing. Prayers, wishes, dreams and even magic are all much the same thing; you decide you really, really want something to happen, your mind takes aim and fires! You might not get everything you dream of but your mind will do its darnedest to make sure you do. Keep you eyes on the prize and keep on dreaming!! x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you. I just love the power of the mind. It is so incredible to me. I'm reaching as far as my imagination will take me and pray God takes me the rest of the way! :D x
  2. jst4horses
    Rene, what a beautiful dream. Check the Wild Horse Protection web site and Facebook. They are trying to save 500 mustangs on a short appeal time frame from being sent to slaughter. Even if you give $5 it is a step forward for them saving the horses. We help at the Blue Pearl sanctuary as best we can and hope to build a network with other sanctuaries as part of both feral and wild horse rescues. Blue Pearl has a niche in horses that have worked for people and most made a lot of money and prestige for their breeders and owners, and were in that same old feed lot. The Horsesforheroes, inc project out of Las Vegas has more than 230 member stables across America, most of them have at least one amazing horse rescued out of a feed lot, or bought at an auction of abandoned horses. another Horsesforheroes which is a ranch, not the same program, serves our veterans in a working ranch setting, as does Flag is Up Farm with his soldiers and horse sense program. There are many ways you can help out. After I got hit by kids racing, and have severe physical therapy program at home, I still train and work with therapeutic horse programs, with younger trainers who want to learn, and social workers and psychologists who want to learn how horses heal..........while I am sitting around hurting.......I make artcrafted dolls and horses to sell for hay at the sanctuary. A model sanctuary for wild horses is: Nada's sanctuary in Lompoc, California. I can not think of the name this minute, but it is the biggest wild horse sanctuary in California. I will look up the name and put it in later. You would be amazed how just taking a handmade flier to church or to local feed stores helps these programs all save more horses and gets people interested in those who are saving the wild horses. The Wild Horse Protection web sites used to list many local programs that need volunteers! I have had many autistic youths and college students volunteer for our programs............they meet other youth and teens without autism, but family problems, and they all help heal each other. One of my autistic students is an amazing UCLA graduate doing awesome things, with a wife and children and a fast paced career! A horse can do awesome things when not sent to the slaughter.
  3. jst4horses
    RETURN TO FREEDOM. That is the name of Nada's sanctuary. She used to teach classes about horse communications learned from a little old lady who learned them from decades of sitting out in fields and wilderness and learning how horses communicate. When I came home and tried some of the techniques on my horses, they said "oh, she went to another horse class", but they liked it! It helped me get my partner or join ups faster, and it helped me listen to the horses more as well as them listen to me more. I did want to say........your own saddle is awesome, but I just had my whole tackroom stolen. I have nothing left but one "care stick" I had in my friend's car, and one bridle I had in someone's truck. I do miss my own saddles. But the truth is, my favorite saddle ever was one I bought long ago at a consignment sale, marked down, it just fit me. Comfort. YAY. That saddle has trained horses with me for decades. Been rolled in, stomped on, left out in the rain by kids and I did not see it on my last check of the evening. That saddle cost me $150 and it was the best investment I ever made. I have been looking and the closest I have found in the fit and comfort is well over $5000, or I will have to have one custom made. Lets all pray and dream and one day your wish will be true, horses running free, with only their wolves and mountain lions to keep them in check. It is their natural job, and as long as we do not have to see it, it is just nature. Really. Did you know that when a predator claims a life, it locks eyes with the prey. That is one of the reasons good trainers tell you not to lock eyes with a horse until you are both good friends and the horse knows you are not claiming it for dinner.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you! These are all great organizations. I've read about most of them and even go back to read more from time to time. I do know about the 500 at Fallon. At last check, the one's they could hold out were safe, so far. I hadn't thought about making crafts to sell for hay or donation. I will consider that, though to be honest, I'm not all that handy with crafts. lol! I hear you about the saddle. My sister and best friend are actually in cahoots with each other to try and get me one for Christmas. (Shhh I'm not suppose to know) LOL They're funny people. I haven't been back on Cookie for several months now due my knee. I'm not sure it would hold out for me to get on and off (Which I desperately need the practice). I'm still working on losing 80 more lbs which will help me immensely in that dept.. Go me! :D
      1. Rene Wright
        Rene Wright
        OH! And I'm so sorry to hear about your tack! That is awful :(
      2. jst4horses
        We have a program called "size 2 Saddle Club" it was for children and teens originally. They all see their own doctors, and we recommend Weight Watchers because we all have managed to keep diabetes at bay with it for decades. We come from a family filled with diabetes and wanted to not have it. So we worked with our doctors and modified Weight Watchers (lower sugar fruits, and vegetables, higher protein and six small meals a day). Many of the kids simply got nutritionists from their HMO's and have been really successful. When I got thyroid disease it was scary, I put on weight no matter how strict I was, then was diagnosed with thyroid disease, it is a difficult type to control, so I have to have blood tests often and see my doctor often. When I went basically to chicken and tomatoes and brown rice with a yogert and apple pieces and horses and stall cleaning for months, plus the gym, I did lose that sixty pounds again..........when I got cancer there it came again, and I have to stay on a very restricted diet, I say this so when you are suffering you will know there a millions out here suffering as well. I had a secretary that used to eat, eat, eat. It as hard. My friend, the Director of our veterans project, has a daughter who is very high metabolism. She can eat, eat, eat. When she comes home from college they go out for dinner, and people go by the table and look at my friend seeing all the plates (they always go to an all you can eat) and have that "see, that is why you are fat" when in fact the think daughter is eating all the food! Good luck, and when I broke my back when hit by an out of control moving van on the freeway, I built myself a special mounting block, or used the picnic table at the stable, to slide on and off. This time, when hit by kids racing, both legs were massacred, and my back was injured again. I can not get a leg to go over and when I get on, I have gotten stuck. I still plan to ride again, and still train, I work with a young woman who wanted to learn Nativenaturalhorsemanship so she rides and works with me on ground work. We have trained some mean, scared and naughty horses together into good solid dependable horses for their owners.
  4. Teshaw R
    Voted, very powerful I hope you enjoy my recent post, http://www.ofhorse.com/view-post/Seabiscuit-The-One-and-Only

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