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What does it mean to be passionate about horses?
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What does it mean to be passionate about horses?

What does it mean to be passionate about horses? Is the passion for horses something you are born with? Is it something that develops over time? Or can a particular experience awaken this passion without warning? For me, I think I was born with this uncontrollable love of horses. Today, in my very late 30's, the passion is stronger than I ever imagined.

My grandparents always had horses and I would get so excited when I found out that we were going to their house. I remember hoping and praying that the horses would be up by the barn so I could see them. I could sit out there and watch them for hours. It was a bonus if they actually got close enough for me to pet them. I can still sit and watch horses do nothing but graze for hours.

I also remember staring out the window on every car trip just looking for horses out in every pasture when I was a kid. If I seen a horse I had to announce it to everyone in the car, I assumed they loved them as much as me and would want to see them. Today, I still stare out the window looking for horses in every pasture and point them out to everyone in the car.

My horses are my world, I live for my horses. I seem to always think about horses, I love to talk about horses, I dream about horses; nearly every part of my life involves horses. I didn't get my first horse until I was 31, I vaguely remember what life was like before horses but I know that it is pretty awesome now. It's not always perfect but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.



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  1. naturegirl
    I dream of the day I could have a horse, too. I am passionate about all animals but definitely love horses more than most! I voted! When you have a chance, stop by my new post, When Winter Comes, and vote if you enjoyed it! Thanks! Cheers!
  2. Teresa
    Vote #3. I too, love horses. I know, when my husband and I lived in Phoenix, Arizona while our sons were still little, we'd go by this neighborhood that went to a mall for a short cut, and every time we'd go by there, I'd always see horses there. I have a horse book, that I have not gotten around to reading in a good while. Also, I have a how to draw horse book, that I drew some heads of horses out of it. I'm not the only one in my family, that likes horses. I have a 27 year old niece name Crystal, that also, loves horses too. Nice job.
  3. HorseDiva
    It means a lot to have a horse. They are such a different type of companion than a house pet. I voted. Please stop by my new article. It is about how horses may be slaughtered in Ontario because race tracks are going to close down. Please vote if you like it. Thank you.
  4. EquestrianJade
    Yes I'd like to say I am 12 and I have the same feeling for horses you do I have had the same life you have had! Yes,When I saw a horse out the window I would say "Horse!" or when I was little "Horsie!" I still say horsie sometime just to be silly. My parents don't love horses as much as me and my sister and brother are scared of them mostly but they like them. They can get around them but they are afraid they will go crazy or step on them. I know horses inside and out I am learning their anatomy right now actually xD I LOVE them soo much! When I go to my grandparents house they have a 25 year old white grey Racking horse mare named Maggie. I didn't go see them not to long ago. I went out into the pasture and petted her and praised her. I NEVER get to see horses up close unless I go to my relative's house. Which is 6 hours by car. I HATE that I never get to be around them. But hopefully I will grow up and have a horse like you! What is your horses name,breed,and coat color. I love hearing things about that! I actually play an awesome horse game. If you would like to play (which you probably won't) It is free. Go to horseisle.com my username is BuckskinForLife it is na awesome horse game and keeps me interactive with horses. (Not real ones though) I LOVE IT! It is really an awesome game. I play it about everyday and it is very respectful and polite. Everyone (mostly everyone) is polite and very kind on there. They have filtered chat for reason! xD But if you want to become a subscriber it is $40 a year. I think it is $6 a month but super sure. I am a non-subscriber so I can only keep 5 horses but since I met an esroh (you'll know what I mean if ya start playing and watch the video) so I got an extra slot for a horse and then I joined a club which had a horse bonus so I have 7 horses right now. I have a couple I want to buy in the future. I hope I will see you on there if you do wanna play please reply with your username :) We can be buds and I can tell you some pointers! The game is like real life horses are expensive on there and you have to earn money by doing small (or big) jobs for people or going mining. I am sure someone would'nt mind leasing or giving you a free horse. I just want to say I know how you felt when you were a kid and that's how I feel right now. If we can private message on here I would like to talk to you privately! Thanks a lot! Love your blog! Bye now!
    1. love4equine
      Thank you for your comments. I can tell how much you love horses, you sound a lot like me. You should check into volunteering at some place that has horses. See if you have a Humane Society, ASPCA, or local horse rescue that needs help. They may not let you ride the horses but maybe you can learn a lot more about taking care of horses, help brush them, and just love on them. I have done volunteer work at a rescue before and it is a lot of fun and you learn so much. If you need help locating a place to volunteer, let me know.
  5. love4equine
    Thanks everyone for the comments and votes. I love hearing about how much other people love horses too. If you haven't already voted for this post please do so. Also, check out my second post "What I know about horses and people..." and vote if you enjoy it. You can share my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ask your friends to vote for my posts too. THANK YOU!!! :)
  6. mrsboat99
    I too have always loved and been in awe of horses,,although I didnt start riding till almost 40,,and got my first horse at 43,,I am now 50 and we are going trail riding today & I still get excited when I know I am going,,lol,,even though it scares my kids and grandkids as I had a bad accident October of 2011,, and broke my color bone, and several ribs,My Horse spooked and she threw me,, I still dont really know why she did,, she was a great horse I rescued, severly underweight,I walked her and excercised her daily till she was healthy enough for me to ride,,I rode her with a hackamore for the first year,,and she was awesome,, but soon became very unpredictable,, she was a dominant mare the first day we brought her home,, she was the leader of the pact so to speak,,,but after she threw me, she wouldnt let anyone else ride her,, and threw a coulple friends who tried to ride her,,so my husband got me a gelding,, as he didnt want me to ride her anymore,, and I got to admit I was a little hesitant,,So when I healed and got the courage I rode Levi,,my new best friend,,we have formed a great bond,,and he follows me around like a loyal friend does,,I still think about 'Layla' and hope she happy,,as she is just a pasture horse now,, But cant wait to go ride with my husband today on my buddy Levi,,Happy Trails

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