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What Being a Leader Means to Me
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What Being a Leader Means to Me

I felt compelled to write this article because in our quest to become more at one with our horses, I feel that some people are moving away from understanding what their unique role in their horses' lives are. Every person and every horse is different, but there is a natural order, and it is natural in horses' lives that they have some sort of hierarchy.

Where do you fit into your horse’s hierarchy? Are you a leader or does your horse feel that they need to lead you? It is fine either way but you have to make sure that your horse has a positive role model in their life, just as they would have had in a wild herd.

I have four soon to be five horses in my care. It is my responsibility to make sure that their lives are good ones. I make the decision of where they live, on what they are fed. What exercise they do or don't do, who gets to meet and interact with them, if they stay with me or not; everything. Every aspect of their care is my responsibility. I don't take that lightly and in order to make good decisions, it is essential that I see myself as their leader.

Now I am lucky enough to be able to communicate with my horses. Not because I was born with this gift but because I chose to learn how to. So the decisions I make are not without consideration to the horses wishes but they do still lie on me to make.

My role in their life does not take away from the wonder of being in their presence, and I allow myself to be with them with a free heart and mind to continue to develop my relationship with them.

The reason I felt compelled to write this article is because I keep getting advice from what I would imagine are well wishes but whom I feel need to understand that as an individual I have no issue with being in charge of my horses because I ask them what they need from me and that is the role they have asked me to take. I feel it is an honour to be the head of my horses herd and that they respect me as much as I respect them.

Because of the need to be a good leader to my horses I have pushed myself to learn about myself and the world. I have learned to communicate with my horses through feelings and telepathy, I have become a qualified healer so I can teach other people how to heal themselves and their horses and I have become stronger and more confident in who I am.

I don't think that anyone has the right to tell another person who they should be, especially without knowing that person, their life and their horses. I also think that in giving advice without knowledge we can be doing more harm than good. Our horses can and will tell us who they need us to be. I agree that not everyone makes a good leader or is a good role model for people or horses, but I think those that have horses need to step up, not down to that responsibility.

I have seen the damage done to horses that do not have a positive leader. I have seen horses in forced herds, with no solid, mature leader and they have all felt as if they have to fight for their lives and survive. I have seen horses confused and scared because their owner is not making it clear to them what their relationship is with them in a way that horses understand.

I know there are some incredible trainers out there with amazing videos that we look at and then feel perhaps they might hold the key to being with our horses. What makes me sad is that the answer is within you already and it is within your own horse. If you let go of what everyone else is telling you then you may clear your mind long enough to hear your horses desperate to tell you.

For me, my horses asked me to be a good leader in their lives. To listen and respect them and make choices that can benefit not only them but also to help other horses to be heard. I take full responsibility for my horses and their happiness, and I love that they have chosen me to be their leader in their lives.

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