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What Will I Need for My First Horse?
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What Will I Need for My First Horse?

If you are reading this, it probably means you're getting your first horse and researching what you need. Let me first say, congratulations on your new furry friend! Secondly, let me say props to you for doing the research you need! I remember getting my very first horse. I started on this little Arabian mare and only had a tack bucket, grooming supplies, and a bareback pad. I had to build up everything else I needed. I was too excited to be overwhelmed by the number of things I needed for her. However, I know a list like this would have helped me.

Grooming Bucket

This will hold your grooming supplies.

Curry comb

This is a round, flat, rubber brush that you will move in a circular motion to loosen hair and dirt in the horse’s coat.

Dandy Brush

This brush will be used to take the dirt and hair off the horse when brushed with the coat.

Mane/Tail Brush

This brush is used to brush out the mane and tail.

Mane Detangler

It is sometimes very hard to get rid of the knots in the main and tail. Detangler fixes this problem.

Vet Wrap and Gauze

Vet wrap and gauze are nice to have on hand in case your horse injures themselves.


This is used to wash out a wound.      


This is a prescribed painkiller. It is also nice to have on hand in case of emergency.


This is another pain killer often used to help colic.

Small Hair Elastics

If you want a beautiful mane and tail, then you need to braid it regularly. Elastics band the braids

Saddle Pad

A saddle pad is vital to cushioning the back if you ride with a saddle.


If you live in a frigid environment, your horse will grow a winter coat. However, not all horses grow a thick enough coat. In this case, your horse will need a blanket

Riding Boots

You should never ride in tennis shoes. You should always have riding boots with at least a one-inch heel to stop your feet from sliding into the stirrup.


A helmet should be worn when riding to protect your noggin. We cannot stress the importance of safety enough.


A sponge will be used to soap up your horse during a bath.


Horse shampoo will make your horse squeaky clean!


Horse coat conditioner makes your horses coat silky smooth.


A halter is basically a harness that is put on the face to be led by.

Bridle and bit

A bridle is another harness for the face that is holds the bit in the horse’s mouth and provides leverage to the rider.  


Reins are used to steer the horse, though they should not be the only thing used to steer.

Sport boots

Sport boots protect your animal’s legs and provide support.

Bell boots

Bell boots protect the horse’s heel.


Clippers are used to cut winter coats and feathers on the legs.


A whip is a useful tool so long that is used properly. It is not a weapon but more so an extension of the arm.

These are some of the basics and there are many more items you can get to spoil your horse. You don’t need all of this instantly – you can build it. I got most of my tack as presents on holidays. I also advise you to look for used items. Otherwise, tack and other equipment can be very expensive.

Have a lovely time with your new four-legged pal!

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