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What Was Under Your Christmas Tree?
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What Was Under Your Christmas Tree?

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas. It's hard to believe that in just a few hours it will all be over! I have a pretty good idea of what was under the tree for the horse enthusiasts out there. I looked in my magic ball and this is what I saw underneath the equestrian Christmas Trees.

For the Kids

For the kids, I see lots of model horses and toy horses. I'm sure they had specific ones listed that they wanted. Maybe they had a catalog filled with pictures circled of the ones they want. That is how I did it when I was a kid! I bet the kids went for the model horse shaped boxes under the tree, very first thing!

For the kids that take lessons, maybe they finally got their own brush box or crop. Maybe they got a pair of riding pants or paddock boots. Even if they are only riding once a week, getting their own riding equipment feels like a milestone (or at least it did to me). I bet there was plenty of that under the tree!

Maybe for kids that have not ridden before but have always wanted to, there is a gift certificate or promise of riding lessons.

For the Teen Equestrians

By the time you are a teenage equestrian, your Christmas wishes get a little more specific (a.k.a expensive). They might get a new cross country vest or hunt coat for showing. Maybe they have been eyeing up a certain pair of jumping boots for their horse.

Anything monogrammed with their initials or their horse's names would be great too! Teenagers love personalized saddle pads and blankets. They like to see one of the two things on all of their riding stuff, in perfect color coordination of course!

The teenage equestrian may have a gift card or two for a non-horsey place under the tree. Just because by the time you are a teenager you might have realized there is a world outside of the barn. So you might want some non-barn clothes or outfits to wear. Maybe not though, some horse crazies never get to the stage of wanting anything besides horse stuff.

New Horse Owners

New horse owners use Christmas as an excuse to stock up on everything that they need for their new horse. They ask for everything from tack and brushes to first aid kits. I mean, if you have never owned a horse, you need to get everything! Christmas is the perfect opportunity to fill your tack trunk and outfit yourself and your horse with everything you need for the upcoming year. Well, need *and* want. Sometimes with horse things, it is hard to tell the difference between need and want!

Trainers and Instructors

The trainers and instructors probably have some form of cold weather gear under the tree. Maybe it's a coat, some warm socks or boots. Hand warmers will definitely be in their stockings!

It isn't uncommon to see some riding clothes or a piece of tack or two under the tree. As a rule, though, they already have most of the tack and horsey stuff they need from years of riding.

This leaves space under the tree for non-horse related items. Things like gift cards to non-horse related places and stores. The trainers and instructors will have there fair share of horse stuff under the tree, but there is plenty of room for practical things and non-horse things as well.

The Parent of a Child Who Rides

A parent of a child who rides or owns a horse will have one side of the tree for their gifts, which will be pretty empty. Then the other side will be for their child, which will consist of a bunch of packages filled with the things listed in earlier paragraphs.

The barn parent is a dedicated breed and just as excited to see their children open up their horsey Christmas gifts as they would be getting fancy gifts for themselves!

No Matter What Was Under Your Tree This Christmas

No matter what was under your tree this Christmas, whether you were surprised or got exactly what you wanted, I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by friends and family. Remember the true meaning of Christmas, and let's all make our best effort to keep the spirit of Christmas with us all year long. We all have a lot to be grateful for!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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