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What to Look For and Think About When Boarding Your Horse
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What to Look For and Think About When Boarding Your Horse

It would be nice to have your own horse barn and area for your horse to roam in but that is not always the case and you'll have to turn to boarding. The expense of boarding your horse can vary greatly. It depends on the area, amenities and services provided. If the facility has more indoor arenas, you will pay more. Being near a major city with lessons included, at a well appointed stable you can expect to pay over $700 a month. There are several different types of boarding giving you many things to think about.

Self Care Board

You will be expected to provide everything for your animal including trough and buckets. Be sure water is available or you will packing that in as well. You will need to include bedding for the stalls and the feed, including hay, and schedule the veterinarian calls and the farrier. You will be responsible for all of this and for checking on your horse daily.

Full Board

Your horse should get everything that it needs and have full turn out. Your horse may also get specialized foods, lessons and veterinarian care. You will want to check the lease that you sign for all that is included. It is also important that you visit the facility and see your horse frequently to be sure that your horse is getting what you are paying top dollar for.

What to Ask About

You will want to think ahead and be sure to ask all of the important questions or you could be in for some surprises that your horse will pay the penalty for. You will want to know such things as if just the basic feed is supplied or if supplements will be provided. If they are not supplied, will they feed them to your horse if you supply them? Is the facility in good repair?

Signing the Lease

The lease is the legal document that will spell out what the facility will provide. It will also spell out the facility's responsibilities and what your responsibility as the horse's owner will be. This will also include what will happen if you do not pay your agreed upon fee on time.

In Conclusion

Shop around. It is important to talk to other horse owners. They can tell you if you can trust a certain horse boarder and what you can expect from them. Full service and minimal care are very far apart so it is important to ask lots of questions, look at facilities closely and see that your horse is getting the best of care when you are not there to do it.


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