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What Thursdays Mean to Horse Lovers
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What Thursdays Mean to Horse Lovers

You have heard about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Now it is time for Thursday's horse crazy interpretation.


"T" is for tomorrow is finally Friday. It's the weekend, and it might just be payday too. 

"T" is for a trailer, otherwise known as a metal box on wheels that your horse may or may not get into agreeably.

"T" is for trail riding. It is getting closer to the end of the school and work week and you might be already planning your weekend trail riding.


"H" is for horse crazy, horse lover, horse-obsessed....you get my drift!

"H" is for that helmet that you are always going to wear every time every ride. You know, the one that could save your life?

"H" is for hard. We hate to admit it, but sometimes life with horses is just downright hard. It's still totally worth it though.


"U" is for a used car you drive, used tack you ride in, used boots...see the theme here? Riders take advantage of using things that have already been gently used to save money. With horses, you have to save money wherever you can.

"U" is for useless horses. Lots of barns are full of them. They are either too old and not sound enough to ride or totally crazy and nobody wants them!


"R" is for riding. Just remember, if you are a horse owner, there is a lot of other things that you will have to spend time doing besides just riding!

"R" is for reins. Reins are important when we ride. They help us steer. They come in all different materials and colors, from fancy leather to classic black rubber, to rainbow colored ones. Take your pick!

"R" is for reckless, which is one thing we should never ever be around horses. It is just too easy to get hurt around them.


"S" is for sand, the arena sand that you will get in your hair and clothes if you fall off in your lesson. Not the kind of sand you lay out on and relax in some tropical paradise! Silly! You can't afford that and a horse!

"S" is for student, riding student that is. Riding students vary in age from teeny tiny to grandparents! We are all students of the horse on our horsemanship journey!


"D" is for the dental appointments that you schedule religiously for your horse. 

"D" is for Doctor. Eventually, in your horse life, your horse will probably do something silly that sends you to the doctor. Over time, you will learn to become friends with frozen peas and heating pads.

"D" is for done. As in barn work is never done. Ever. There is always more of it to do.


"A" there is that "A" again, to make the horses happy we have to continue to remind you that "A" is for apple. Not just any apple, but type your horse prefers. Served the way he prefers. Some like slices, while others will just take a huge bite of the whole thing.

"A" is for Appaloosa, the adorable spotted breed of horse that always catches people's eye. They are known to have short tails and striped hooves!

"A" is for any day. When your lesson gets rained out and you are asked when you can reschedule for you say "any day". You will move mountains if you have to and you will be there at the designated time!


"Y" is for yelling. Something you will hear yelling at farms from time to time. Owners yelling at horses, parents yelling at children, instructors yelling at riders. You get used to it after a while.

"Y" is for Yay! That is what you say when you walk into the barn and check the lesson horse board to find your favorite horses name next to yours!

"Y" is for yes. That is the word you will use to answer any request from your trainer. Yes, you will clean that stall, yes you will ride that bucking pony, yes, yes, yes, always say yes!

If you have been following all week, thank you!!! Tomorrow will be Friday's explanation in horse crazy terms.

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