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What Monday Means to a Horse Person...
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What Monday Means to a Horse Person...

Monday means back to work or school for many. It is the start of a new week and new beginnings. Some people start the week off with dread, others are excited to jump right in.

If you are a horse person, maybe this is what Monday means to you...


"M" is for mares. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them and refuse to own them. They are either really good or really bad. Mares are a lot like Mondays. 

"M" is also for money. Remember as you head to the daily grind, you have to pay for that horse somehow. Money is important, unfortunately, so getting to work on Mondays is a must.


"O "is for the outstanding weekend that you had at the farm. Spending time with your horse and your barn friends was a blast.

"O" is also for outside in the beautiful spring weather. You will be counting down the minutes today to get back outside and to your beloved horsey companion!


"N" is for nice. Even though you don't want to be at work, be nice to everyone. Treat people as you would want to be treated. I bet you will have a much better Monday every week!

"N" is also for need. As in you need to do your best work so you can get a promotion and make more money to spend on your horse. Or maybe to you "N" is for the need to hurry up and get to the barn on time for my lesson.

"N" is also for necessity. For us horse people, horses are a necessity in our lives. We don't view them as an expensive thing we want but really don't need...nope, we need them and they are worth working for.


"D" is for a daydream. When we're at work, many of us daydream about our horse. We dream about what or where we are going to ride today or about an upcoming horse show. It could even be something as simple as to remember to schedule a vet or farrier appointment.

"D" is also for determination. Determination is a personality trait that will help you to excel in your life with horses. That same trait will help get you through your long day of work or school until you can get back to the barn again.


"A" is for the grades you better get on your report card if you want your parents to let you continue to take riding lessons.

"A" is for always thinking about horses when you are at school or work. They are much more fun to think about!

"A" is for the apple you can't forget to bring your horse. Make sure you bring him the right kind! Some horses like red apples, others prefer green. It is your job as the owner and rider to know all these little details about his or her preferences.


"Y" is for thinking about yesterday. We do this a lot on Mondays since typically our weekends are more fun than weekdays. We think about yesterday and how much fun we had with our horse.

We also might think about yesterday if we had a bad ride. Sometimes we replay those rides over and over in our minds. Trying to think of what we could do differently.

"Y" could also be used to describe the yearning feeling that you have to get out of school or work and back to the horses. It seems that horse people are always yearning to get back to horses. And there is nothing wrong with that!

So, happy Monday to all you horse lovers out there! I hope you have a great week.

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