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What Is a Phytocannabinoid?
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What Is a Phytocannabinoid?

The prefix ‘phyto’ means plant. Therefore, a phytocannabinoid is a plant cannabinoid. It comes from plants. Another term that you may have confused with phytocannabinoid is ‘endocannabinoid’. The prefix ‘endo’ means inside or within. Therefore, this is a cannabinoid found within, and it refers to those which are made and found inside the body.

Phytocannabinoids that are in hemp account for 80 of the 112 compounds found within the plant. These cannabinoids are extracted to create oils, as CBD oil, PCR oil and hemp oil. What are the differences in these oils? CBD (cannabidiol) oil is typically made for human use and contains as much as .03% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD and TCH are two of the known cannabinoids mentioned above.

PCR oil is Phytocannabinoid Rich oil. This is formulated more for animals, particularly horses because THC is toxic to animals. Long-term exposure to THC can cause toxic poisoning to dogs and horses. Don’t give them marijuana and do not smoke marijuana in close proximity.

If they need the benefits of medical marijuana, then PCR oil is the right choice for them. They will not have anything toxic in their system and no need to be concerned about explaining anything to a veterinarian either. Innovetpet has products designed for use in horses that are perfectly safe and extremely easy to administer.

How Do They Help Horses?

Horses have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans do. Theirs is an EES, or Equine Endocannabinoid System. This system plays a major role in the overall homeostasis of the body, in all animals, including the human variety.

When balance is brought to all the body systems, at a cellular level, illness is fought-off with more vigor by a strong immune system. Chronic conditions are helped by the powerful boost from antioxidants and anti-inflammatory traits of the cannabidiol compound.

Horses that are hard to work with because of over-excitability do much better with PCR oil for horse and cannabis products. By working within the neural network of the body, cannabis products all help to ease stress, calm the nerves and work as an effective tool to help maintain focus. In fact, cannabidiol impacts the neural network by strengthening it and creating the ability to sharpen focus like a laser.

For the horse that gets crazy in the gate before the race, CBD products, such as PCR oil or hemp treats, heal protect balm etc. can bring relaxation and calm.

Some horses are naturally more high-spirited than others, but some horses are beyond high-spirited, making them difficult to handle and nearly impossible to trailer when it is necessary to move them.

Just getting a pet to the veterinarian for treatment can be almost impossible if you can’t get a horse to load on a trailer. The risk to them is also much greater if they won’t calm down. Horses can easily break a leg kicking and bucking in an enclosed space. The risk to people is also much greater with animals that won’t settle.

Cannabis is Also a Powerful Anti-Seizure

Horses are an enormous investment, financially and with time spent in training. Horses are also an investment to feed and keep vetted. A good barrel racer or a ranch horse that is trained to help you rope and tie calves for branding is worth his weight in gold.

You don’t want them injured, sick, or even hurting if you can possibly help them. Innovetpet is your source for oils and for treats and feeds that can be given to your horse that help them with anxiety, pain, sore muscles, infections and more.

Laminitis is an inflammation that starts in the pocket under the hoof, where the coffin bone ends. Poor care of the feet can cause this condition, but also a diet that is too rich in sugary field grasses or in sweet feeds can contribute to the inflammation. A horse has extremely specific dietary needs. When anything is out of balance, their gut can become gassy, leading to bloat. This condition is dangerous in horses and can become life-threatening.

PCR oil can help reduce inflammation because of the natural anti-inflammatory traits of cannabis oil. It can also help a number of things, including gastrointestinal flare-ups, joint pain, muscle aches and pains, and topicals can be applied for cuts and abrasions.

There are no adverse side-effects from using PCR oils. You can use the treats as supplements to maintain a level of balance in your horse’s body that is unsurpassed.

What About Side-Effects?

Adding phytocannabinoids to their body is a great way of supplementing and stimulating their EES into producing more endocannabinoids and will also prompt the body to form new receptors for the cannabinoids all over the body. This ensures that help is ready when the pain starts.

The body is assisted in helping itself, rather than depending on medications that can actually cause adverse side-effects and cause long-term damage to internal organs.

Most prescription medications, even pain relievers, carry with them a risk of soft tissue damage and dependency. Yes, animals can become addicted to pain medications. Cannabinoids are not addictive, however. Cannabinoids are plant derivatives.

PCR oils and hemp treats are safe because they have no chemical additives in the cannabis before it is used in treats or feeds. You are getting a product that was extracted from hemp, bottled, labeled and shipped to you. Samples are taken from each batch and tested to ensure that THC levels are in line with regulatory standards so you can be sure you aren’t adding THC to your animal’s diet.

If you use too much oil, there is a potential for diarrhea. Start with small doses and gradually increase for the best results. This issue will stop within 48 hours if you cease the doses until it clears. Follow instructions on the product packaging.

When you follow instructions carefully, side-effects are extremely rare. You can expect the effects of a dose to last between 4 and 8 hours in the average horse.

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