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Well now.. let 'er rip!
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Well now.. let 'er rip!

I knew Cookie was needing to let off steam, & truthfully I was just waiting for it to happen. This afternoon, she let 'er rip. We started off lunging at the walk & hey! we're getting pretty good at understanding signals now. Walk around a few times one way, whoa, turn & walk the other way. Now let's pick up the trot, nothing fancy, nothing fast, just trot. Again today she was giving me grief, pinning her ears & doing a jump up into a trot. After a time around she was relaxed & trotting well both directions. She was a bit lazy at first & then really got into it. We transitioned back down to the walk both ways. I let her rest a few moments, to get an idea of how her breathing was. 

Then we began to work on backing up by jiggling the lunge rope. She has a tendency to back away & turn her head so that the left side of it is facing me rather than backing straight up. Today I took a different approach & held the butt end of my crop up, lowered the hand that had the lunge lead in it & began that way. It didn't work, so I gently tapped her right shoulder instead & that got it. We did this a few more times taking 5 steps back each time. 

After resting a bit, we went back to trotting around & this time Cookie decided she wasn't going fast enough & began bucking, farting & turning on the after burners. She would speed up at a gallop, then back down to a canter. I turned with her as I was still holding the lunge line & didn't want to get tangled up in it, lowered both of my hands & asked for a trot as I was slowing my body from turning with her. She decided to speed up again. I continued to ask for a trot & by the bazillionth time of going around at a lope, with her tail raised high, she finally came down to an extended bouncy trot, & kept going. So I asked for a walk & that took a little bit to get, though I finally got it & finally a whoa. I turned her the other direction & asked for a walk because I wanted her to cool down after running off all that steam. She decided she wanted to lope some more so I let her get it out. It didn't take long this time to get her down to a trot then to a walk & finally she cooled down. 

This was supposed to be a 20 minute work out & it ended up being 30-45 minutes. Before dinner time no less so I really wanted to make sure she wasn't sweaty before giving her any food. It was somewhat muggy outside so cooling down was going to take quite a while. I gave her a couple handfuls of hay to satisfy her while I filled her slow feed hay nets & to give her more time to cool down. 

It took about 15-20 minutes to fill all 3 nets & she came poking her head into the hay shelter. She's such a card. I'm sure she was saying Hey! What's taking so long here!! lol. By the time I hung the first one, she was still sort of damp, but not breathing hard or soaking wet. I'll check on her again before bed when I hang the last hay net for the night, but I think she'll be fine. 

I did manage to clean out more cob webs out of her new stall & continued to sweep some more. Being her nosey self, Cookie came right in to see what I was up to. I sure do love my horse! 

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