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Wearable Gadget to Monitor Horse Health
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Wearable Gadget to Monitor Horse Health

The extent to which smart gadgets have infused themselves into our daily lives is nothing short of amazing. While many people have their reservations with much of this technology, there are many advantages it is providing us with. The primary benefit of having a life that is so heavily reliant on technology and electronic gadgets is that everything can be interconnected. It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with your children, to book an appointment with the doctor, and to even monitor your horse’s health thanks to the new wearable gadget specifically designed for this purpose.

Gadgets, Gadgets and More Gadgets

It used to be that the only ‘smart’ thing we had were mobile phones, and even that wasn’t a long time ago. This has progressed onto the development of a multitude of smart devices, to the point where today our homes and even our cars have gone 'smart'.

In the midst of all this that are now wearable smart devices. These are small gadgets that can be worn on the body, either in the form of a watch, a bracelet, and even our clothes. Wearable devices mostly deal with providing notifications and information about health and fitness to people. As if monitoring people’s fitness wasn’t enough, there is now a wearable gadget that is aimed to be used on horses in order to monitor their health.

Horses Can Now Email Their Owners - Well, Sort Of

The SeeHorse is a wearable gadget that aims to make the lives of horses and their owners easier by connecting the two in a way that has never been seen before. The device records multiple aspects of a horse’s health and performance, including their temperature, pulse, and rate of respiration. This data is then sent directly to the owner’s phone or computer.

The device is truly genius in the sense that it puts the information about a horse that may otherwise be ignored onto gadgets that are carried by people almost all the time. This ensures that nothing goes amiss about the horse’s health, and action can be taken to rectify possible problems more swiftly.

A Tool to Help with Coaching

Having access to the biometric data of the horse will enable their owners to better train them. They can now track their horse’s movement through training sessions and even during competitions to decide where the horse can improve. If used correctly, owners can even foresee potential muscle injuries that the horse may incur in the near future.

Battery Life? Not a Problem!

People who are into wearable gadgets will understand when we say that it is very hard to keep these devices charged for a long time. Due to their nature of being ‘wearable’, people also find it frustrating to charge their devices every day. This is where the SeeHorse differs from others. It charges itself using the kinetic energy of the horse, so as long as your horse is moving, the device will keep charging itself.

The SeeHorse wearable gadget for horses is truly a remarkable step into the world of animal monitoring wearables. Many people would agree that this is a very thoughtful idea that brings the world of technology not only to humans but to animals as well. To be able to monitor your horse’s health without having to take trips to the vet will be a welcome change for horse owners around the world, and we hope that other manufacturers can come up with similar ways to improve our lives, and the lives of our pets, as well.


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