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We Stay United to Find Ginger
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We Stay United to Find Ginger

Show horses are some of the most graceful and trained animals anyone can find. The owners of these horses spend their lives trying to groom them and train them into the best that they can be. These horses take part in competitions and tournaments known as horse shows, which test various skills of the horse and its owner through a series of events like Dressage, Show Jumping and Vaulting, among many others.

Knowing the hard work and time it takes to bring a horse up to this potential, one can imagine what horror it would bring for an owner if they found out their horse has been stolen, especially after winning an award. This is exactly what happened with the Briggs family after their horse Ginger was stolen from a show and was later located when the whole community decided to stay united in order to find it.

The Owner-Horse Connection:

There are many reasons why people show horses on such events. It may be because of the feeling they get by participating and competing, or it may be because they are proud of their steed and want to show it off. Whether it’s just for competition’s sake or because it’s a matter of personal feelings, a horse’s owner develops a very unique and deep connection with it. That is why the Briggs family was so torn apart when their horse was stolen.

The Incident:

The crime took place after Ginger was shown off at the horse show for the 37th anniversary of the Dowlais Pony International Society in Merthyr Tydfil. Ginger, the chestnut stallion, had been brought back to its trailer after being crowned the winner of his class. When the owners returned to the place where they had parked their silver Nissan Terrano with the horse trailer attached, they found out that both things had been taken. The incident took place around 4pm.

Support from the Community:

The whole equestrian community came together, united to find Ginger to ease the distress of the Briggs family.

The family had asked for help publicly and the whole community came to their aid. The Briggs family were not expecting the people to lend that much help and they thanked them with all their hearts after Ginger was located.

The Culprits:

Ginger was found less than 24 hours later from the mountains of Pengarnddu. The stolen car and the horse trailer were located as well by the Merthyr Police. The family was beyond itself with the joy of finding their horse safe and sound and with gratefulness for the people who helped them without question.

The culprits, aged 29 and 24 from Galon Uchaf, were apprehended by the South Wales Police and charged for theft.

The time during which their horse was missing, the Briggs family was emotional and stressed. That is why they felt so relieved and thanked the community for the help when they found Ginger. They said that they knew about the way the people of the area relied on each other but never thought that the whole community would rally to help them over just a period of 24 hours.

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