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Warm weather dreaming- Barn Therapy
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Warm weather dreaming- Barn Therapy

 As the Wisconsin winter winds are howling outside, the snow is blustery, the paddocks and walkways are ice covered, I dream of green grass, blue skies, lush pastures, warm breezes and longer days to spend time with our horse. Oh, we still spend quality time with our horse every day but sometimes I find myself falling head first into the "Ok fine- I will just go to the barn and do what is necessary for his well being today" category of caregiving. Funny thing is, when I get to the barn, the air seems warmer and I feel happier. Barn therapy is truly good for the soul! I get to groom our horse, visit with other horse owners and just enjoy the barn time.

Even though our horse lives outside, even cleaning the stalls is therapy for me. It is very satisfying to have stripped a stall and rebedded it with fluffy clean bedding, put in a big pile of sweet smelling hay and cleaned the water bucket and filled with fresh cool water. Yes, of course I will be happier when the weather is nice again, but until then, I will hug my horse, look into his dark chocolate eyes and appreciate all that he does for me, even in the gloom of winter.       

The next time you are feeling blue, pull on your boots and head for the barn! Remember spring really is just around the corner!

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  1. Terri AP Widdowson
    Yes you're very right. I alway found just being able to hear, touch and smell them was as enjoyable as riding them. Again you held the attention of my six year old, Charlotte and she says we should give you a vote. She's decided she's going to make a blog too. Look for it.

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