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Warm-Hot Weather Workouts
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Warm-Hot Weather Workouts

I am so thankful that each day is a brand new day. Yesterday is done & gone, all the mistakes made you learn from & hopefully don't repeat. 

Today is a workout day for both Cookie & I. It has been very warm this past week so I have had to take these high temps into consideration when working Cookie in any manner to avoid colic & binding up. Both can happen when you do too much in the warmer weather & not allow enough cool down time before giving food & or water. Your horses respiration & heart rate should be normal or close to normal before allowing your horse to eat or drink. The best way to cool them out is to keep them walking for at least 15-20 minutes. Allowing them to stand & cool down can cause possible binding up of their muscles also known as muscle cramps. Most people would say your horse needs to be dry before turning them out again. Here in the south, that's not always possible because of the humidity. They tend to sweat for quite a while after a workout. You can hose them down to remove the sweat which will help to cool them down better, however I caution to not get them wet above the midline on their belly. Legs up to the knees/hocks, chest & bottom of the belly is alright. The reason is cold water on a hot horse can also cause them to bind up & possibly give them a chill which can lead to illness. 

Once the respiration & heart rate are in their normal ranges, allow your horse to drink all they want. Make sure also they are taking in enough salt. Free choice salt licks are a great way for them to get the salt they need without the risk of them getting too much. Some competitors use electrolite powders & mixes to rehydrate their horses during competition & others use it during cold weather to help avoid impaction colic. 

If you don't want to have to give your horse a bath before your next ride, make sure their dry before turning them out. It's easier to brush off dust, but mud is another story. lol! If you turn them out when their wet, I can almost guarantee they're going to roll & become muddy head to toe. 

Don't pass up a beautiful day to make great memories & if you make any mistakes, try to learn from them & remember, tomorrow is a brand new day! 

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