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Want a Daily Pick-me-up? Try Hanging Out with Horses!
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Want a Daily Pick-me-up? Try Hanging Out with Horses!

For those who adore animals, furry creatures always have the power to put a smile on your face, irrespective of how bad your day has been. However, even if you are not a fan of animals, research has shown that interacting with horses can help keep the blues away. For those who are looking for a daily pick-me-up, try establishing a budding relationship with a horse and you can bet that you will instantly start to feel better.

What do we gain from horses?

Spending time with horses can be quite a learning experience. Through daily interaction, children learn how good performance is a product of understanding, patience, forgiveness, and other such essentials.

U.K. based charity, Riding for the Disabled, found that children who were chair-bound instantly got a sense of empowerment and mobility the moment they were placed on top of a horse. To them, it was the equivalent of being able to fly. Thus, hanging out with horses can make one’s day take a turn for the better in simple ways.

Staying Valiant and Strong Atop a Horse

Horses lay the ground for building courage in riders. At the same time, they stress the importance of trust. Just like you need to trust your teammates when participating in a team event, riding a horse requires you to show a certain amount of trust towards the animal.

Once a sense of courage and trust is established between the rider and the horse, the rider is at ease at all times. In this manner, horses have added joy and happiness to the lives of people. However, it is certainly not easy caring for these spirited animals and providing them with the right kind of exercise, food, and training. There is a lot of hard work and labour that is part and parcel of the process.

The Current Concern

The British are no longer interested in the many benefits that horses provide people with. Owning a horse is, in fact, now going to be accompanied by a tax. All of this is tumbling toward a position where the country will soon be devoid of horses.

It goes without say that schools that once worked on teaching people to ride, racing enterprises, stud farms - all these ventures that were an integral part of life in Britain, may have to throw in the towel soon.

The old adage certainly holds true - one can only make a fortune from horses if they begin with a fortune. It is only when one has a horse of their own and knows the hassles that go into caring for it, that they realise just how cumbersome an added tax on horses is going to make the lives of those who really do love these animals.

This tax is going to reduce the opportunity for people to spend time with horses and enjoy a daily pick, since many horse enterprises may now find themselves in a tough spot. All one can do is hope that the day will not arrive when these spirited animals are no longer a part of one’s life.  



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  1. 5equineMom
    I find it outrageous that the British are putting a special tax on horses. No matter where one lives, owning a horse means something different from a financial viewpoint. The vast majority of horse owners are working class people that adjust their spending to fund their hobby/passion. This tax is so idiotic, as people will get rid of their horses or never take up the ownership of one. It makes me so sad that only the rich will be able to own horses.
  2. mustangbetty
    Just imagine...... this will put many horses into the slaughter pipeline and then on the tables of european restaurants. So sad the insanity of government taxation. There is a very large lack of compassion in todays generations. ALL lives matter and horses give back to the human in unmeasurable ways. Those who have a relationship with a horse will tell you how blessed they are. I pray the British Gov't. will rethink this idea of taxing horses.

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