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Waiting For Spring
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Waiting For Spring

The snow is melting today. If the mud wasn't so awful, I'd be out riding right now. You know the urge, the itch, to get your feet in the stirrups, to have your hair in the wind.

Winter puts a little bit of a damper on that. It's possible, but my horses just don't like the snow. They probably hate it more than I do, if I'm being honest... and I really hate it. So, there's not much outdoor activity going on in the winter. We've been waiting to go up into the forest paths and maybe even hit up a mountain trail or two, and that's been the hope for months now.

Spring almost here though. It's so close that I can taste it, and I'm sure my boys can too. 

In the interim, we're preparing. I've been having family over lately, and once I left my laptop on this site while my niece was playing around.

She's left a message for you guys, actually.

A drawing of a cartoon horse!

Well, I can't say anything about it; you've seen my "art skills" before... but that said, she's also looking forward to the spring, in order to ride alongside me. 

That brings up what I've wanted to talk with you all about today. Where are your favorite trails? Do you prefer the open expanse of the fields, or are you a grasslands type? Do you prefer the tension of riding up into the thick forested mountains, or maybe alongside a big body of water like a lake?

I'm personally looking forward to taking my horse out to the nearby stream for a dip in the water... once it's not frozen, of course. We've still got a few weeks until it's thawed for sure, so wish me luck! 

Photo by Robert Nunn on Flickr. Drawing by Marie Eaglon, used with permission.

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