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Vegan Products For Your Cruelty-Free Lifestyle
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Vegan Products For Your Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

So, is horseback riding vegan? Although some may say that it isn’t, I am a vegan that believes that riding a horse is not doing any harm to it, therefore, making it just fine. But, this article is not about that topic per se, either. However, one must admit that there are some parts about riding horses that can make a vegan flinch, such as the type of material used to make all the necessary equipment. Since most of these come from animals, there must be options out there for people who, like me, want to ensure that their hobby does not harm any animals in the process. Since there are more and more of us out there nowadays, it is a good idea for companies to follow the wave and create options for us.

The first one that needs to be mentioned is Barefoot. They make synthetic products, such as bridle equipment and saddles, which are obviously cruelty-free. Although not everything is vegan, they have a very good line of products and are starting to serve the clients who love horses and wish to remain vegan in every way. The brand is called Cheyenne for the saddles and you can easily find it by browsing their website. As for the bridle, the name of the brand is Juniper. You will notice that they are beautiful as well as animal-friendly!

Then, there is always eBay where you can shop and find pretty much anything nowadays! You should be able to find vegan equestrian products there fairly easily. Furthermore, if you purchase them used, you will also contribute to helping the environment by supporting recycling and reusing.

Shop Wiki can also direct you towards products that suit your lifestyle. They currently have a product called Horse Discount, which makes an environmentally-friendly synthetic horse saddle. You can also browse their website to try and find other products that can suit your needs.

Therefore, there are ways to enjoy our favorite hobby, all the while maintaining a vegan lifes.

Photo credit: flickr.com

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  1. pftsusan
    Good tips and great article.
  2. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted! Yep, great article. I have heard of these products before.
  3. Mistylove
    I am vegan too and have been on the hunt for vegan products/saddles. I too believe that you can be vegan and ride horses. Horses are a best friend, they enjoy being athletic and having someone that they can trust in. They remember who you are and my pretty lady will come running when she sees me. I have lately been borrowing tack and of course it is leather which makes me cringe. SOOOO BIG THANKS for your article.
  4. PonyGirl
    One thing I would mention, if your horse has to keep a halter on, you need to have at least the crown piece leather. While I fully support and use many cruelty-free products, I have seen what happens to horses when they get hung up in unbreakable synthetic halters. Leaving a horse in a halter that will not break if he gets it hung up on a solid object or gets his back leg hung in it is not cruelty free at all.
  5. Fefi Palavecino
    Fefi Palavecino
    Love this article. Being a vegetarian (wanting to be vegan) it is a daily struggle I face to find cruelty-free equestrian equipment. Thank You!

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