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Variety of life...
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Variety of life...

I have 4 equine friends. They are all different breeds and colors and touch my soul in a different way. In my opinion, there is no bad color or breed. Every equine in my pasture serves a different purpose.

My white gelding has taught me that I can be strong when I need to be. It was love at first sight, my first horse. I bought him at an auction, I didn't go with the intention of buying a horse but when our eyes met I knew I had to have him. I didn't even know what breed he was, and I really didn't care. He is my best friend; he always listens and never judges me. He accepts me for who I am and I accept him. We have a special connection that most people would never understand. He is not perfect, in fact I have been told he is crazy and dangerous, but the way he touches my heart is perfect. He rules the pasture and my heart. I love his soft and low nicker.

My sorrel gaited gelding has taught me that sometimes you have to open your heart and take a chance. He was given to me; his previous owner approached me and said "I'm tired of having to feed him. You can have him if you want." How could I say no? He had not felt the touch of a human in years, they literally just threw feed out to him and that was it. He wouldn't let me touch him and he was very withdrawn. I just started hanging out in the pasture and talking to him and made no effort to get close to him. I wanted him to "ask me" for attention and love. It didn't take long before he walked up to me, got in my face and did that funny head tilt thing that animals do. (If you have ever seen this you know what I am talking about.) Since that day, he always walks up to me expecting to be touched and loves the sound of my voice. This boy is so funny about not wanting to get dirty too. We have some really intense conversations sometimes and I can tell by the expression on his face that he understands every word. He has a very high pitched nicker that makes me laugh.

My black mare has taught me to trust. She was an emotional purchase. She belonged to someone else and she needed some "retraining" so she could be sold. I decided I needed a challenge and began riding her. I worked through her problems and got very attached to her. When she was "finished" and ready to be sold I decided I had to have her. I paid way too much for her but can you really put a price on love? I loved this horse and even though I had put many hours into her retraining I still paid her full advertised price (too much in the current market). My mare is now my trusted trail mount. I know she will challenge me every time I get on but I also trust that she won't do anything I can't handle. She is also an amazing "husband horse". When my husband (non horse person) gets on she drops her head and does not fight him about anything. In the pasture, she doesn't put up with any drama from the boys. If the boys are getting out of line she just gives them a look and they settle right down. She has a very deep and loud nicker that really pulls you in.

My donkey has taught me to play and have fun, to act like a kid sometimes. He was also given to me. He was a Christmas gift for a little girl and he wasn't what she wanted. He wasn't what I wanted either but apparently he was what I needed. I couldn't say no. He is so protective of his herd and his people. He loves to mimic the actions of the horses and of his people. He is so playful and such a lover. He always wants to be touched. You never need a halter for him, he will follow you everywhere. He doesn't nicker but he does this funny squeaky whining thing that is so cute.

When I am with my horses, I feel like I could rule the world. I have a few confidence issues when I ride due to a bad accident several years ago, but the great thing is that my horses don't care and they have done so much to boost my confidence.



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  1. HorseDiva
    You're a very compassionate person. You get my vote for taking care of animals that others were tired of feeling responsible for. This is much more than most people would do. If you want, give yourself a chance and see if you could win these boots from my article: Win a Pair of VEGAN Fashion Riding Boots from NeuAura! Cheers!
  2. Terri AP Widdowson
    What a sweet article!

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