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Using Crystals as a Tool to Help Your Horse
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Using Crystals as a Tool to Help Your Horse

Crystals or semi precious stones are not only a useful tool but a really easy way for you to promote self healing in your horse and to alleviate any issues that they may have. Not only that but they will have health benefits for you as well.

For example, Red Jasper is a strong grounding crystal that can help your horse to be calm and less spooky. Because it is red it is also a good simulator of energy. This does not mean it will give your horse energy, making them more likely to spook or react. More that they can help to promote a good energy flow through your horse, assisting in healing. 

Green Moss Agate is a good calmer and because of its green colour, it's good at activating the heart chakra, meaning that it can help horses who are suffering from depression or those they struggle to trust.

Amber is a warming stone that also has protective qualities. It comes from the resin of a tree and because of its golden glow it can help to make the horse feel safer or to help the horse that struggles with confidence feel stronger.

Turquoise was used in abundance by the Native Americans and they would adorn their war horses with it to protect them. It is a shamen stone that is meant to enable the wearer to be closer to the spirit realms and more connected to their soul.

Citrine is a warming stone and its bright yellow colour is great in winter months to help warm and motivate.

Clear quartz is a clearing crystal and is great at helping to get rid of excess energy that could lead to spooking or balance any energy that is over or under active. 

Most types of quartz are safe in water; so if you trust your horse not to try and eat them, then you can place them in water buckets. If you are not sure this is a good idea for your horse, you can put the crystal or crystals in a water bottle over night and then put that water into your horses water bucket the next day.

In the stables I have glued some crystals to the stable, out of reach of the horses and placed on all the different sides. I have made them as specific to the energy that each horse needs, although this can change over time there does seem to be a particular preference that some horses have to certain crystals.

Rose Quartz is a really popular crystal and animals seem to love it! It is all about love, self esteem and personal expression. Even having some in your pockets as you groom, ride or are just around your horses will benefit them and of course you.

Crystals are an amazing tool to use with your horses. There are so many different ways to work with them I have only really just scratched the surface here but I know that my horses love having them around the yard and in their stables.

They also look really good as well so they are a great way to brighten up your yard.

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  1. simplewishesfarm
    I have witnessed healing stones first hand, this is a good read. i would have enjoyed a few more details but overall not bad.

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