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Using Equine Therapy to Boost Personality at the Miniature Horse farm
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Using Equine Therapy to Boost Personality at the Miniature Horse farm

Riding a horse is, undoubtedly, a fun sport but for some people, getting up on these large, flighty animals can be a bit intimidating.  This is why Ilsa Mutsaers, owner of Steep Hill Stable, decided to control people’s fear of horses by getting her hands on miniature horses. Being tiny in size, she hopes these unthreatening, fuzzy animals will provide equine therapy and boost personality development without intimidating people.

Understanding the Essence of the Idea

Ilsa Mutsaers, hailing from Prince Edward Island, decided to open up her own health and wellness centre where people who were not comfortable with large horses would still be able to take up horse riding or mingle with the horses.

Not only are miniature horses adorable, but they possess all the same benefits as large horses so people who have never been around horses would feel more comfortable working with these miniature ones.

The system works so well for her that even if she is a little too tensed up on any given day, her horse instantly senses it and walks away from her. This helps her realise that her energy level is going out of control and she needs to calm down a notch.

What Does Ilsa Offer at Her Horse Centre?

Having studied Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Personal Development, Ilsa is planning on doing something different which she hopes will assist in giving a boost to equine therapy. At her horse centre, she tries to offer people a different feel. Her main aim is to create a space where people can come and relax and just be one with nature as they go about interacting with the many horses there.

When it comes to using horses for equine therapy and boosting one’s personality, Ilsa clearly states that horses do not care at all. There is no reason for people to fear opening up as there is absolutely no possibility of being judged.

The only concern of any horse, she says, is with what is happening at a given moment. They are not at all concerned about who you are, what you did all your life or where you go to work. This concept is really important as it teaches people to live in the present and not worry themselves about the past or the future.

Combining Fun Camps with Therapy

Ilsa’s horses have been very successful in helping people suffering from PTSD and stress as horses are able to sense what goes on inside a person. They never rely on what the person portrays outwardly.

In life, people are constantly on the go, moving from one thing to another. When a horse gives you an instant response, whether it is moving away from a stressed person or being extra friendly with people who are sad or depressed, it makes you take a pause and introspect about what you are doing in life.

Ilsa is planning to offer a number of programs soon in her horse centre, but she is currently still in the process of building a new arena to support all this. Her program, which aims at boosting personality and skill development while providing equine therapy to those who need it, is already in the final stage of planning. It is certain to see the light of day very soon.


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