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Update- Mare Care and The Waiting Game
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Update- Mare Care and The Waiting Game

I have my vet coming out on Monday. In regards to the pregnancy check, not sure I can afford it right now along with her vaccines. Vaccines at this point are more important as the mosquitoes are already out and much larger this year in spite of the freezing temps we've had. Disappointed that the weather didn't kill off some of those pesky buggars! 

I have been noting whether or not I see actual changes or wishful changes. I do find that early mornings I see more actual changes in that she is more triangular from the front. However, by afternoon Cookie's belly becomes rounded. Her flanks fill out and she does seem to be a bit bigger than before. I haven't been able to get the same shot twice with my phone so it's hard to tell from the different angles and the fact that she's black and white doesn't help either. When taking a sunny picture, she gets a white glow all around her lol. 

The waiting game isn't so bad really. Some like to do it, others not so much. In the meantime I can continue reading up on safety precautions and those what to do "if" things occur.  She has a full stall of straw bedding, as well as in her open shelter. If I know Cookie though, provided she's pregnant, she'll have that foal right in the middle of her paddock. I would rather her not be stalled in because of her temperament. It would just make her more agitated which could lead to big problems. 

I'll be going around in the next few weeks to secure anything that may be a problem from outsiders such as dogs. Cookie is not a big fan of dogs and neither am I when they are strays in the neighborhood that cause problems. Don't get me wrong here, I have 3 of my own. I just wish those in my town would keep theirs home rather than just turn them loose. It is against the law, though it is very likely nothing will be done about it. 

Changes in Cookie's behavior are very noticeable as she swings back and forth in her moods all throughout the day. Yesterday morning she was grumpy and by noon she was all nosy in my pockets. At dinner time she was rapidly becoming nasty mean. I always walk out there with my lunge in case I ever need it. I'm not afraid of her, but I do respect her and expect her to respect me also. Very rarely does she need an attitude adjustment. Once she figures out why I'm there a total different expression comes over her face and body language. 

Sometimes we get slack in our movements or judgments when we've been around a horse for a while. We think we know all about them and let our guard down. That's when you're going to get hurt. Always pay attention to your horse's body language and facial expressions.. it could mean the difference in having a great time or a hospital visit. 


Thank you for checking out my blogs. I appreciate all votes and comments. :) 

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  1. autumnap
    Good luck with the wait. Can't wait to hear the good news! x (Voted)
  2. autumnap
    Good luck with the wait. Can't wait to hear the good news! x (Voted)

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