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Up And Away
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Up And Away

I've never met someone who hasn't had a horse escape from their pasture at least twice. Not even once, but twice. If such a person exists, please send them my way, I'd like a quote for my next article; "Breaking News! Man/Woman Managed To Keep Horses In Forever Somehow Despite All Odds!"

Because you know how it is. A tiny sliver and they'll be through it. Horses are large animals, and yet, where there's a will there's a way. If a stallion sees a pretty girl horse, or there's a particularly enticing patch of grass, or maybe a tease from a dog, horses will do whatever they want and go wherever they want. It's largely a pain in the butt, especially when they have so much room to be happy already, and yet sometimes you just can't be mad.

This is all because of the stallion we've been babysitting for a few weeks has escaped the confines of his paddock, hauled horse butt down the driveway, stopped at the road to look both ways before crossing, and went for a swim in a chilly swamp. He's perfectly fine, by the way, but it sure took us an hour to get him out, another hour to clean him off, and then one more hour just to make sure he was dry and settled in for the night.

How'd he get out? His owner had put up his paddock himself, and we'd all made sure it was secure. The gate was closed, and he'd already been fed. Not only that but why? Our farm is mostly empty this week, and nothing had been around to spook him. Was he just bored? Did he just feel like exploring?

As the infamous George Strait said, "I ain't rich, but Lord I'm free!"

Personally, I think he jumped it. He shouldn't be jumping that high, especially since he's got a bit of a sore hoof, but maybe he's a big dreamer.

Photo by Kate Bartnik on Flickr.

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