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Types of Jobs in the Equine Industry
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Types of Jobs in the Equine Industry

There are quite a lot of jobs available in the equine field. Of course, if you dream of working with horses, there are vet openings and breeders needed, as well as trainers for competitors. For those of you who still don’t know exactly what they want to do, or want to discover other possibilities, here is a list of some of the types of work available to work with the animals you love the most. Take the time to read the summaries and see if one is right for you.

Veterinary science

You can opt to be the veterinary, or a technician working alongside one. This, as you surely know, requires medical studies and practice before starting out, but the benefits are great. You need at least 8 years of post-secondary education, including an undergraduate degree and four years of graduate school to become a vet, but several people who wish to start working earlier opt for the technician job, which require from one to four years of studies.


Yes, horses need to keep their teeth clean and healthy, too! You need to be accredited for this, and depending on what you wish to do, you can do some teeth floating or actual surgeries.


This is the job that requires working with horse’s feet. You will be responsible for trimming the feet, making and setting the shoes. To understand how this works, start by meeting a farrier, see if you feel this is right for you, and then search for an accreditation program.


Trainers work for anyone who wishes to teach themselves and their horses, whether it is simple discipline or for an actual show. If there is a competition discipline that captivates you, you can opt for that, or you can simply train horses for riding tourists. Colleges offer courses for this, but experience counts for quite a lot in this field.


This is for injuries and diseases, and includes things such as massaging services. Several other therapeutic treatments can be learned as well.



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