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Tying a Cowboy Halter the Right Way
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Tying a Cowboy Halter the Right Way

A cowboy halter -- otherwise referred to as a rope halter -- is tied on instead of being buckled. While buckles contain metal pieces that a horse could bend or break in the case he panics or accidentally pulls back on his lead rope, tying on a rope halter comes with no such shortcomings and is therefore stronger and more secure. Provided you tie it appropriately, there is almost zero risk with a cowboy halter breaking or slipping off the head of the horse, at whatever circumstances.

How do you tie a cowboy halter right?

1) Position the halter’s noseband on the horse such that the eye of the halter’s loop lands on the left side of the cheek of your horse, leaving the portion of the rope that falls behind the ears and connects to the loop on the right side.

2) Flip the part of the rope that ties over the back of the horse's head and place it on the poll just behind the ears. As you bring the rope over his head, be careful not to flip it into his eyes.

3) To form a closed loop from the back, thread the rope through the halter’s eye such that the rope falls against his cheek with the loop being on top of it.

4) The tightness of the halter should be such that it fits snugly on the horse's head, not too tight for comfort and not too loose to be ineffective.

5) Place one or two of your fingers against the loop, holding it in position against the cheek of your horse.

6) Create another small loop by passing the end of the tie rope just behind the loop from the right side, immediately below your fingers.

7) Finally, pull the end of the tie rope through this small loop you have just formed and then pull it tight. The loose end of the halter should be positioned to the right of the knot away from the eye of your horse.


Image source: flickr.com

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