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Truly Blessed
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Truly Blessed

The weather has been nice and the yard needs mowing. What better way to kill 2 birds with one stone than to let Cookie in the front yard for some green grazing time. 

She gets to mow for about an hour or so and I have to say she's not real good at it. Her lines are all zig zagged and go from here to there with some grass being mowed much shorter than in other areas. I can't really fire her though because she's affordable and eventually she does get the job done. 

I'm in the process of finding a pasture for her for a few months at least, but it has been difficult because of not really knowing anyone here. I am hopeful and I won't give up until I've found something decent for her. She needs the turnout time, preferably with other horses. I just know there's something somewhere that's safe and affordable. 

While she has been mowing the yard, I have left the lead rope on her halter the past couple of times so I could observe how she reacts to stepping on it. Often times she is quite humorous to watch. The first step she'll move the right foot, after a while she doesn't know which foot is holding her back and will almost jig in place trying to get off of the lead rope. She gives to it really well and doesn't freak out in the least bit. Sometimes she will get frustrated and stomp her feet trying to get off of it. 

At one point she had gotten the lead rope looped around a hind foot and was jigging all over trying to get rid of it. Stomping and sighing, she finally gave up and started backing up several feet. That did the trick. 

I have been very blessed having her. She's been such a good girl, teaching me as much as I have taught her, challenging me as much as I challenge her. She has a very good level head and although at times she doesn't look where she's going, most of the time she is mindful of where I am when I'm near her. 

If something scares her and she begins to bolt, I'll step to the side and say whoa girl it's alright. More often than not she'll jump the opposite of where I'm at and usually only a couple of steps when she's on the lead. I just found this out about her the other day.  When we are in her paddock and something startles her she'll run off quite a few steps if I'm not close to her, if I am it's only a few steps. 

When we are playing without a halter and lead and I ask for a whoa, she stops and faces me. If she's not done playing, when I begin to approach her, she'll turn away and take off running, snorting and bucking. Otherwise, when she's done she'll stand there a moment and allow me to approach before getting a drink of water. 

She's soaked up my happiness and my tears. She lets me know under no uncertain terms she hates wind and rain, but rain more than wind. She always greets me with a nicker and oddly enough if I stand still and whistle the tune to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly twice, she'll come right up to me. I'm still amazed at that. <laughs> 

I couldn't have wished or asked for a better horse... even if she is a temperamental mare, she's all the blessing I could ever want. 


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  1. autumnap
    Aww, that's so nice. No matter what life throws your way, your horses always loves you just the same! x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you. Isn't that the truth! :)

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