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Troubles of a Horseless Horse Addict Part 2
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Troubles of a Horseless Horse Addict Part 2

Looking back on my old articles, I came across “Troubles of a horse-less horse addict,” and I couldn’t help but smile. I had written that article nearly three years ago now, back when perhaps, although not much has honestly changed. I’m now 21, still working my life away, and no closer to owning a horse, but I’m taking some positivity out of this.

I’m still as hooked as I was three years ago. I still do my absolute best to get as much pony time as I possibly can around my college and work, especially since my horsey friends seem to live infinitely further away since I moved in with my lovely boyfriend of two years (not the same one from my last post.) One particular friend has been amazing in letting me come and help out with her young appaloosa x filly on occasion and with turning 21 and getting a better wage, I might soon be able to start lessons again! It’s also why I write here, If I were to do just 2 top posts per week, I’d be able to pay for an hour-long lesson each fortnight, if I only had the time between college and work! My little one bedroom flat has something horsey in each room, my fireplace is lined with beautiful statues, I have magazines piled up in forgotten corners, books upon books in my little shelves, even DVD’s… Not to mention the multitude of games I play online that are centred around horses! My addiction is still very much on the go.

If I had understood money two years ago, I’m definitely better now. Back then when I struggled to get through with my ex-boyfriend who seemed averse to working, it was tough to even put food on the table, however,  I kept my ideals of having a horse with me, through breakups, moving in with my parents again, and now moving back out. I’m thankful to be doing a brilliant college course that could hopefully provide me with a good job that will let me finally have my dream - my very own horse. Only a year and a half to go I suppose. Though I’ve waited now for 11 years, I’m sure another one wouldn’t hurt.  

 I even at one point had a job with horses working two hours away from my house, it was amazing, I had my own block to look after, getting to bond with them on a daily basis, it’s just unfortunate that the money ran out before I got paid and I was unable to continue working there. Now that I’ve moved, a position has come up where I used to ride as a child, but I’m now just too far away and traveling there would waste a lot of money.

In light of all these negatives, I can happily say that I’ve begun saving for my horse, and maybe when I get a job after my college course I’ll finally be able to have my own. As a note to younger readers, never fear, you’ll have the opportunity at some point too, don’t rush when you can’t afford it, if it isn’t right, you’ll never be able to enjoy your horse like you should. Save up, stick to school and one day you’ll never look back.

After this long, my dream horse has morphed itself into a little everything. I have a friend who owns an Andalusian stud and I’ve become attached to the idea of a buckskin Andalusian… Then instead I wonder if a nice big chestnut Irish Draught would suit me and my all-around lifestyle better… Then I was desperate for an Icelandic pony for a while and I’d still be happy with any of the above I suppose, or why not all three? Can’t just have one horse y’know.

Or maybe I’ll keep at the lottery and hope for the best... Picture belongs to me and was drawn by me.

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  1. KatBlack
    I loved your story! I too am a horseless horse addict! I’m over 50 now and still want one! For you and youngers readers my advice is - never give up the dream!! I’ve been through a lot in my life, but, I have always dreamed of having my own horse!! I’m still working towards that goal! Peace

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