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Troubles of a Horse-less Horse Addict
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Troubles of a Horse-less Horse Addict

From the moment I first experienced being around horses, I was hooked. From the tender age of 8, when I first looked into the eyes of the little bay mare with the kind big brown eyes, I knew I wanted one of my own so that every day I could look at them and feel the same joy as I did ten years ago.

Now, at the age of 18, with a better understanding of money, how it is needed daily, and my parents denying my wants is more rational than ever before. I simply couldn’t keep myself, my flat, my job and the overgrown man-child I call my boyfriend afloat along with a large animal that needs everyday care. Nor could I afford to keep it on full livery where I barely get to bond with it anyway. Instead, I turn to other means to get my equine ‘fix.’

As any good horse-lover should, I have a collection of hundreds of large informative books detailing everything from breeds, to riding, or to what brushes you use on your smooshums tummy to make sure it doesn’t hurt them. There is a box full of drawings from my early age that look like stick-legged sausages, to my newer sketches that haven’t changed much. There’s a multitude of models from tiny thumb-sized appaloosas, up to a huge black walker that is kept in the loft and was large enough for me to sit on it when I first bought it. However, no matter how large a collection I have, I’m still missing a core ingredient to my addiction: a horse of my own.

The expenses are too high and it takes up too much time are the excuses I’ve heard from those in the same situation as I am, yet there seems to be an equal amount of people who get along just fine and manage to keep themselves and their non-horsey lives on track very easily. I suppose I’ll just accept my fate and join the other people who can’t have what they want due to various constraints, or I’ll find a way around it. I could return to loaning a horse, to mucking out quickly then tacking up and heading out for a nice long hack, or working in the arena on the gorgeous mare I rode who would jump the moon if you asked her. Maybe I could go back to riding school, but I think I’d quickly go stale of the circles and instructors shouting at me for miniscule things. I’d maybe consider returning to the trekking center I once haunted, bearing frozen noses, toes and fingers for a half hour ride on a highland pony who wouldn’t go faster than a walk even if you set off a bomb behind him.

Those would all satiate it for now, but why would I do that, when I can sit and be patient, save up and hope that the opportunity for my own 15 hand baby crosses my path. Only then will I truly understand how much people give up for the sake of something so wonderful that touches our hearts so deeply.

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  1. Mark Calvo
    Mark Calvo
    You can make this happen and it does not need to break the bank. Depending on where you live you may be able to find a place where both you and your horses can live together. I was renting a room in a house and was paying $250 a month for pasture board for two horses. Total rent was $600 or the cost of an apartment for the room and the horses. There is a compromise in that you are in a house with others, but that is not a bad thing. You also can hang at the barn with your horse and get away from everyone. My point here is that you can make the dream of having a horse a reality if you are creative. Let me add that I am a guy and my advice after more than half a century of living is that given the choice between a man boy and a horse I would advise that you get the horse and if you still want a man in your life look for one who rides.
    1. Thundersmist
      AMEN to that!
    2. Ekkos
      Mark, where have you been all my life! I am in total agreement with your philosophy of how to approach certain circumstances of life. God bless you Mark!!! Warmly, Sally Hahn
  2. MReynolds
    I hear ya, Sister. :(
  3. Thundersmist
    You Young Woman are a reasonable sounding person! I love that you plan and prefigure and are considering not just your own desires, but the needs and future relationship, that lasts a life time. Trust me it's worth the wait and the blessing. I was thirty one when I got my first horse. I knew from the age of 4 yrs old that everything EQUINE was my dream. When an opportunity fell into my lap, right time, right place and of course completely, OVER HORSED....I was in LOVE, I started a cleaning business that weekend (family budget wouldn't accommodate my needs) and for twenty years was a very Happy Woman. Lots of tuff stuff to go through, lots of unimaginable joys, MANY MANY AMAZING Memories. My husband at the time, at 30 yrs together, pulled the plug, pulled the rug out and divorced me. Of course he blamed my love of animals on our demise....NO WAY.....idiot, I had loved him all the more for our life together. HOWEVER! Having my babies, raising them, training them loving and learning from them....P R I C E L E S S!!!!!!!!!!!! I've since remarried to a man who has complete understanding of my animal love and shares it! In the future WE WILL HAVE HORSES and everything we both love together! It's all a journey. Balance, forethought, reasonableness and not putting ourselves first, then blessings are sure to come. 1/2 leasing is a popular option too....JUST GET IT IN A WRITTEN< WITNESSED CONTRACT.....then your friends stay your friends. Take Care, keep your dreams alive and ride on!

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